Friday, November 23, 2007

Cloth Diapers

I have cloth diapered off and on for about 8 years. The thing about cloth is you have to find something that works for you or you wont stick with it. I have used the store bought prefold diapers with pins and pull over plastic pants, that was my first time around. The problem with those is the Birdseye prefolds do not hold much liquid, so you are always changing or having leaks. Then I went "high faluten" and bought 16 Fuzzy Bunz about 2 years ago. I love the idea, but it has flaws. One is that you can not reuse the cover. Second I had such a challenge with getting the stink out of them as well as wicking....ohhh the wicking. I knew that every time I put my child down to bed at night I would be changing an entire bed the next day. So luckily they hold their value and I sold them after a few months for what I paid for them and went back to disposables. Then my hubby was laid off and I knew that we needed to save every where we could. This time I came across some Bummis Super Whisper Wraps a lady was getting rid of, and I LOVED THEM. There were a few flaws with this as well, but with a little creativity I fixed them. So here's my stash.

I have about 60 unbleached prefolds that I cut both of the 4 ply sides off of, outside of the seam so they wouldn't fall apart. One of the problems I had with the prefolds was the bulk, so this alleviated that problem. They did fray after the first couple of washings but I just trimmed the strings and that was all they needed. The next problem I had was that there was no barrier between that wet prefold and my baby. If you have ever felt a wet prefold after your child has had a nap they are wet and COLD. I hatted that being up against her tushy. SO...I went out and bought 1/4 yard of no fray fleece for $1.68 and cut them to fit over the prefold. This wickes away the wetness and your baby has a dry layer between them and the prefold. I use just regular wash rags for wiping. That's how I cloth diaper. I love it! You can see below how I put the dipper together. It makes a trim well fitting, non wicking, non stinking, comfy diaper.

PS: For the first time in 10 years I have only one in diapers. Eve potty trained about 1.5 years earlier than any of my boys. I'll enjoy it will it lasts!


rcsnickers said...

No pins either? I too have used prefolds since our first child. With number 3 I got the prowrap covers. I like them but sometimes they leak at night. What a great idea though to cut the prefold and layer a fleece on top. I will have to try the fleece part. Just curious, with no pinning, the diaper really stays snug and fine? How easy.

prayzgod said...

I LOVE cloth diapering posts! :-D

I was using Fuzzi Bunz for a while, but had the same problem you mentioned. They also needed stripped a lot, because of the wicking, and I don't like doing that. :-?

So, I now have three main types of cloth diapers I use:

The mains ones are Bummis Super Whisper Wraps (you are so right - these are the best!) In those wraps I tri-fold a Chinese prefold, and lay that on the diaper, then I put a fleece lined or hemp doubler on top. I don't use pins either. :-)

I have three diapers that I use the Gerber pull on pants with. Those are Snug to Fit diapers - those things are fantastic as well. Even though they come in with a built in liner, I still add a doubler.

I have two other set ups - a fleece-type diaper cover that I put a prefold and doubler into, and a prowrap that I put a prefold and doubler into.

My little girl is a super-soaker, so I like tri-folding the prefolds and doulbers together for extra absorbtion.

For night time diapers, I use a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap, a Chinese Prefold, and two doublers. No wet jammies or bedding the next day - unlike with disposables. :-)

Audrey said...

Nope, no pins. They stay just fine with the whisper wraps. I to have used the Prowraps in the past, they are alright, but the Whisper Wraps are definately a better quality diaper.

Mommy Homemaker said...

Great post...I just started using cloth diapers. I have a few wraps that I just love! I have some kushies that are okay. I might have to go get some fleece for doublers though.

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