Monday, March 09, 2009

Feeding a Large Family

I was blessed by a sweet MOMYS with funds for a weeks worth of groceries (actually it will cover more than a week) and I wanted to share my shopping trip as well as the menu for the week including the cost of each meal/day. Take a look at what I am feeding my family. I hope I can encourage some in their quest to feed their families. Also if you see where I might need to change things or could improve I would love your ideas.

Store receipt:
Vit D Milk $2.00
Vit D Milk $2.00
Buttermilk ½ Gal. $2.28
5 Dozen Eggs $6.54
Butter 1lb $2.14
Butter 1lb $2.14
Grated Cheese 2lbs $6.98
Noodle Shells $1.58
Noodle Elbows $1.72
Ramen large box $1.88
Ramen large box $1.88
Quick Oats $2.36
Brown Sugar $1.00
Flour 25lb $8.58
Rice 25lb $13.68
Baking Soda $1.12
Lentils 1 lb $.94
Lentils 1 lb $.94
Red Beans 1 lb $1.22
Navy Beans 1 lb $1.24
Black Beans 1 lb $1.18
Mayocoba beans 1lb $1.74
Spag Sauce (Veg) $1.08
Spag Sauce (Veg) $1.08
Diced Tomatoes $.63
Diced Tomatoes $.63
Grape Jelly 2 for $3.00
Crunchy PB 2lb $4.32
Ground Beef 5 lb $8.00
Turkey Franks 3lb (24) $3.78
Chic leg Quarters 10lbs $5.96
Broccoli Frozen 5 lbs $6.12
Gala Apples 2.56 lb $2.56
Bananas 6.25 lb $3.57

Total $105.83

I will be using what I have in my cupboards as well as the above to create my weeks menu. The cost after each meal is the total cost, not per person. Everything is made from scratch unless noted. I add a lot of garlic and onions to the dishes and as many herbs as I can to get some added vitamins and nutrients. I also add butter to many dishes to increase fat.

B- Oatmeal with cinnamon and organic flame raisins $0.77
L- Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches $3.12
D-Spaghetti with veg-meat sauce $5.26
Total $9.15
B- Pancakes and homemade syrup $2.16
L- Pinto Beans and Mexican Rice w/corn $2.29
D- Chicken Gravy and Biscuits w/Kale from garden $4.29
Total $8.74
B-Oatmeal with fresh apple slices and cinnamon $1.17
L-Shells and Cheese with Broccoli $2.32
D- Chicken Fried Steak w/mashed pot & green beans $6.05
Total $9.54
B-Eggs with Biscuits & Gravy $3.09
L-Ramon Noodles with Turkey Franks & Peas $2.89
D-Red Beans and rice with Spinach $2.76
Total $8.74
B-Oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins $0.77
L-Homemade Pizza x3 $4.85
D-Chicken and Egg noodle casserole w/broccoli $4.78
Total $10.40
Saturday (Our Sabbath)
B- Muffins Apple/raisins (made the day before) $1.12
L-Crock Pot Stew & Cornbread (cooked the day before) $6.97
D- Leftovers from Lunch $0.00
Total $8.09
B- Eggs with Biscuits and Gravy $3.09
L-Elbows and Cheese with Broccoli $2.46
D-Black Beans with Rice and corn $3.37
Total $8.92

That makes a total of $63.58 for the week for 10 people, a dollar a person per day!! We have cut out most snacks, though they might have a banana/apple/carrot from time to time. I also might make whole wheat bread to snack on a few days a week. We drink 80% water the other 20% is milk or grape juice (special treat for Sat.) As you can see, much from my shopping trip will be left to use for the following week and our menu will be about 60% the same as this weeks.


Holly C. said...

Wow-you're doing a great job at stretching your food budget.

Anonymous said...

could you provide some of your recipes?

The 'B' Club! said...

Thanks for sharing that information! I've been trying to re-vamp our menus. We too eat on a little budget, but there is only 7 of us (so far).. But we probably spend just as much as you! What an inspiration to know we can cut some more out.


Sarah said...

I'd like to try more beans in our menus, like you have. I second anony's request for some of your recipes. We spend a TON on groceries so I don't have any suggestions, your plan looks great to me! What would you say is one the thing you do that saves you the MOST money?

Our Family said...

Can you buy your flour as a whole grain and grind it your self. Once the Kernel of the grain is cracked it starts loosing its nutritional value. After 3 ish months the nutrition is gone. I buy in bulk from Walton Food, they have a representative that volunteers her time and makes it so that we do not have a shipping cost. They ship directly to our area, we go and help unload and sort the load and then take our stuff home. It's fun. You may want to call to see if you have a delivery in your area. Good luck

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Thanks for sharing this family love to me.

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