Friday, January 27, 2012

I'm not sure how I feel about trips down memory lane. I used to keep every card I or the family was given. I just stumbled over the boxes while decluttering and figured Id go through them one last time before I threw them away. There was the first card Id ever gotten from my mother, I was 21. Those awkward words written by someone whom I should have known so intimately. The many cards that followed over the years......I try to learn who she is. Its been almost 5 years sense we've spoken to each much damage-to much time gone-honestly too much distance to fill, I had to say goodbye. I heard myself laugh the other day and it reminded me of can we have the same laugh, that's not genetic... is it?

I found letters from old church friends, such a tight bunch we all were. Encouragement, thank you letters. I came across one signed Lila...she went home many years ago, way to early, but in His time.

Hilarious, Silly cards from my dad and step mom on my birthday or anniversary. That was back when we did that sort of thing.........

Congratulations on your new little bundle, too many to count!

I read a card from my husband written 14 years ago, signed Mine. Memories flooded my mind, remembering that he used to call me "mine", how did I forget that? Time I guess.

So, I tuck the letters back in the box....not able to throw them away.


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Laura said...

So bittersweet, strolling down memory lane. My sweet Mama passed away last week, and my siblings and I have been all the way down the road and back up it again preparing for her service. I keep lots of stuff, and throw some of it out... And like you I wonder just what to do with all of it? Now we inherit her stuff as well - I think I'm going to need a bigger box. :-)

Oliver S. Daniel said...

Going down memory lane is a wonderful experience. You look young. I am 64 years old and the memories I have are wide and varied. I feel myself getting transported to the days of yore when I go through my autograph and the photos that I had taken during the past. You get to remember your old friends and the happy days you spent with them.

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all these kids are yours? i count nine

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