Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Around the house

How I went for posting upwards of at least 14 times a month to a meager 6 I just dont know. I think that there is so much to say, that I just dont say anything. Or it could be this heat. Who knows, I do apologize though and I promise to do better!

So what have we been doing lately......

Tuesday thru Friday we painted the library and rearranged it, I like it much better now. The boys got to tear out the old closet in there so that was tones of fun. What boy does not like to beat down walls with a hammer?

106 year old wallpaper, hidden and protected nicely in the closet...your jealous arent you?

We spent most of the day Sunday working on the gym, the whole family up there cleaning and doing what ever little hands can do. We have moved the open date back to September 1st, isnt that the way it is with new businesses, there is always something pushing the open date back.

Monday I held the final summer sewing class at my home. We made cloth dolls and I think everyone has a good time. I enjoyed hosting that this month for our homeschool group moms and their daughters.

Today I spent about 4 hours sewing and will spend a few more this evening once the kids go to bed. I needed to sew some restock of the Extend-A-Bibs, geesh thats time consuming work! I look forward to adding more to my website in the near future. A few things I am working on designing right now are "babies first haircut keepsakes" containers. The other is a clothes pin holder. I know what your thinking. Even if I only ever make one (for myself) it will help out alot. When I hang out clothes I take the clothes pins and pin them in lines down my shirt. Yes....it looks funny, but it works great. I am not reaching into a bag around my neck or walking back and forth a hundred times to the bag hanging on my line, I just reach down and grab a pin, simple. So I want to make something that will allow me to clip the clothes pins to it in that manner and maybe ware it like a side bag. Dont know yet still thinking it through.

Lastly we worked in the garden this evening. I had been ignoring my weeding and hoping that the weeds would not grow in 104 degree weather....silly me! So all the kids came out to help. The pictures are cute, they look like they are just working happily, but in the spirit of keeping it real I heard more complaining in that 20 minutes to last me a while. I finally told them that for each complaint I heard they would work an additional 5 minutes...lets just say that did the trick.


Robyn said...

I'm sure you've seen clothes pins aprons, before = an apron with huge pockets for the clothes pins? I've been thinking of making something like that.

Wish I was closer, I would love to be in your sewing class. :-)

Audrey said...

I have seen those and this is a little different. I want it to have straps for pinning the clothes pin to, instead of pockets. I know it sounds weird.

I wish you were closer too!!

Elise said...

That was a perfect thing to say, apparently! Thanks for keeping it real! :)

I love catching up on your days- you're a busy mama! I'm glad to hear that the date has been pushed back- gives you a little breathing room!

rcsnickers said...

well I personally would love to see a picture of you with the clothes pinned to your shirt! That sounds great! :) Glad you guys are doing well and surviving the heat! Your garden looks great! I know you are getting baskets full! Thanks for the update. I understand the lesser number of posts! I am there with ya!

hollyberry2 said...

Wow! I am amazed at all the stuff you do.

Tiffany said...

I love the pick of your kids in the garden!!! :)

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