Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm still here

Wow, I cant believe I have gone so long without blogging, it seems I get about one post in a week these days. We have been busy enjoying this wonderful weather. Last weekend we met my sister and went to Chuckee Cheese's then down to the harbor on the lake. The boys played in the huge water fountains there and had a blast. I hadnt had a day out with my sister in a long time, so that was nice. We have gone to the park and played and spent much time in the backyard.

I am gearing up to start sewing again. It has been about two months sense I have sewn anything and I miss it terribly. I LOVE sewing! ;-) I need to start on Eves summer dresses and maybe even sew some little ones for Ava.

School has been going well and we are keeping on track. Letisha asked how we homeschool year round and the benefits of it for our family. We do 8 weeks on and two weeks off year round. This seems to work best for us. It is more laid back and leaves plenty of time for both school and play. We also take off Fridays for errands and to "deep clean" the house. The Sabbath "for us" starts on Friday at sunset until Sat at sunset.

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