Saturday, March 17, 2007

Girly Girls

I feel much better now, I sewed Eve a dress yesterday and it was so much fun! I missed it so very much. I have a few more to sew for the girls. I havent tried anything as small as Avas size, but I am going to give it a shot. I dont think my sewing machine will accomodate the small arm holes, but we will just try it and see. The grettest thing about sewing your own clothing is that you get to pick out the cuttest materials.

Sisters till the end!

She is getting so big now! Smiling and laughing at ya. She tries to talk to you with her coos and awws! I love it!


prayzgod said...

I love that smile! :-)

Tiany said...

How sweet!!! Who does she look like? Does she look like her big sis? I love the dress, the fabric is so pretty!

The babies are getting so big, my little man is also laughing and talking away, he is now a whopping 14 lbs!!!

michelle said...

Oh they are so precious together! Love the dress it's adorable.

rcsnickers said...

I love the dress! What a beautiful smile! I love listening to av baby coo. Smiley is babbling now! What a joy is must be to look at each of your children and know how blessed you are!

Glad you are all better and back to sewing for two firls now!


Rachel said...

Is that the style of dress that is advertised in your store (wtih the blue print and lace at the bottom?) I like it! :o) I will have to talk to hubby about getting our girls some matching outfits sometime soon.

And I am still waiting for that chocolate peanut butter ball recipe... ;o)

Audrey said...

Rachel, it is the same style as the blue one in the store. Its a quick dress to sew and great for summer.

Tiany, I still cant figure out who she looks like. She has her own little look. She does have her dadys brown eyes. 5 out of 7 have his eyes.

Sunflower, my email address is

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