Saturday, July 07, 2007

Farewell My Friends

Its been a long time sense my first blog entry. Four years this November! My initial thought was that sense family and friends live so far away this would be a great way for them to keep up with the children. But the truth is that they don't read it.

Then it became a sort of diary for me to put my thoughts, of good days and bad, as I have never been real good at keeping a paper diary. Plus the fun of adding pictures and movie clips made it interactive and fun.

As I began to enter into the blog world I was able to see into others homes, even others with large families. It was such a blessing, and still is. I then thought that maybe I had something to contribute to this big blog world. Maybe some nuggets of wisdom, some empathy for others, possibly even give some hope and encouragement to some. This seems to be where I have missed the mark. I have nothing to share with others that cant be much more adequately said by others. I'm just another voice in the big bucket of voices and mine is not where I would want others to spend their time. There are great blogs out there, of wonderful ladies and families, with much wisdom to share!

I will miss most the prayers that I coveted from those of you who so graciously lifted me up. Your prayers were the only ones uttered on my behalf, and they were felt. Thank You!

I will still visit my favorite homes here on the web, and look forward to gleaning from you ladies.
Have a BLESSED life, with much peace!


Jamie said...

Audrey, you have been a great encouragement to me, for one. Sure there are ladies out there who are Godly and intelligent and are very gifted at writing, but YOU are a mom just like ME. I enjoy reading about your home, and the good and bad days- they are all so much like mine that it's comforting. We are striving together to raise a whole houseful of Godly future men, and now are faced with the very different and new task of raising Godly maidens. What an awesome challenge. I'm very sorry to see you "go" and hope that you'll change your mind, but please know you will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. God bless!

Jamie S.
Wife to Tom
Mama to 5 boys, 1 girl, and another little someone on the way.

Anonymous said...

I have learned a lot from you blog. I enjoyed reading about your family. I admire people with large families. I only have two and we can not have anymore. I always wanted a houseful. I also enjoyed seeing the beautiful dresses that you made. You are very talented and have a lot to offer this blogging world! Keep going in the direction that you are. You will be blessed by choosing to bless your husband and family in the way that you do. Sad to see you go but wanted you to know that people do read your blog and you do have lots of things to offer!

Michelle B. said...

Oh Audrey I am so sorry to here this. I agree with Jamie. You are someone who is like me. Who has lived in a world of boys and only boys for such a long time and to finally be blessed with a girl and then another. I have enjoyed learning about you and your family and am very sad to see you go. I will miss your blog very much as I check it daily there is no other like yours.

Rachel said...

I am sad you are going to stop! Your blog was one of my favorites. :o( God bless you as you continue loving and training those sweet children, and may God bless your move.

:o) Rachel, Mommy to five beautiful blessings and step-mom to another beautiful blessing

Elise said...

Oh, Audrey, I admire you so for everything you do - I know it is NOT easy. As I've read about all the work you're doing on the house, I've sensed your weariness. I hope this is a refreshing time for you - one less thing you need to worry about!

I pray that God will restore your strength, and give you wisdom with what to do on your home, and what to let go. And that He will touch your sweet family, leaving a protective covering over you.

Will you keep your store open? I haven't been able to save yet for the bloomers! :(

Love to you, friend!

rcsnickers said...

no no no no no you cannot leave us in blog world!!!! I agree with you, I too have nothing of importance to say and wonder why people even come. But I truly enjoy your blog because you are real, a family, a mom, homeschooling, leading little ones to the Lord, and all that I am doing but look up to you because you have more children and more experience! Please do not leave all together... give us regular updates on you all! I know you are extremely busy with all the house stuff and possibly moving soon. You will always be in my prayers and heart! Thanks for the friendship.
Sad to read this post....

Letisha (who has high hormones that makes me cry at the drop of a hat... and making me cry now!)

runningtothecross said...


I have enjoyed reading your blog regardless. I often feel that I don't have much to say, but my blog has become my journal. I write it and plan to print it out for my children to read.

I blog simply to keep from writing thoughts down on paper and losing them.

YOUR blog has blessed me! I have enjoyed it, but I also understand the seasons of life...if I have no time to blog, then I don't.

It is so nice, however, to "know" someone who is in the same season of life that I am...many children (six under the age of 9, soon to be 7 under the age of 10). I know that you understand the busyness of a family of many littles and that is why I have enjoyed reading your blog so much. It is so nice to find someone who knows the busyness of a large, young family.

I, too, am sorry to see you go. You have a blessed life!


Tiffany said...

Oh I would be so sorry to see you go! I totally feel you have it all wrong cause I have found so much from your blog and would be so sadden to see you go. I hope you change your mind cause you encourage more than you know.

Tiany said...

I could have written this post, I too feel that on most days what I have to say does not mean a hoot to anyone and 1000 other ladies are much more eloquent, much more flowery with there words and have oodles more wisdom then I have in one pinky! I blog to be a blessing and to be blessed, it can work both ways and I am honest when I say I am way more blessed by blogging then I know I could ever bless another but yet I blog, if I don't have time I don't blog. I blog when my littles are sleeping or at night (like now) when hubby is working. Yes I could be doing a million other things but hubby understands I need a little break too, something to let my mind drift from the busyness of my life even if just for 30 minutes or so. Also you would be surprised to see how many people you do touch with your blog, you might not think so because they don't comment but when I did that post to delurk the lurkers and I received over 50 comments from readers of my blog I was SHOCKED!!!!!!! I thought maybe 5 or even 10 would leave a comment, it was humbling. I say all that to say you are a blessing to many and you will be missed . On the other hand I do know that you can only be blessed by giving your family the extra time if they are in need of it, for that is so much more important then any ole blog :-)

Oh that there were such an heart in them, that they would fear me, and keep all my commandments always, that it might be well with them, and with their children for ever! Duet 5:29