Sunday, August 12, 2007

It couldn't last forever I suppose. But that extra long, wet and unseasonably cool May, June and July that we had this year is gone. It has been in the 100's for the last three days and is supposed to hang around for a while. It is HOT!

So we, meaning ME have been taking it easy. My husband on the other hand...the hotter the better. He was out in the heat of the day mowing the yards yesterday. I would have melted in to a mass on the ground, but not him. He loves it.

We have been enjoying having dad around. He hasn't had a vacation in 3 years so, I guess this is it. He may very likely end up going to work at his old employers in Mansfield, which is...I'll give you one guess............. you give up? an hour and forty five minutes away. We are a geographical oddity, an hour and a half from everywhere. LOL But the bills are paid up through August, so we can relax for a week or two before we need to make any decisions.

I have been busy here. I am soooo excited with the new toy line AND, I have something really special coming by the end of the week. I don't want to give it away just yet. And might I just add that it has a "patent pending". YAY! It is that neat. I had an idea, came up with a design, sewed it up and the rest remains to be seen. I hope that it is something that others will find as useful as I do. Come back on Friday and Lord willing I will have them ready for purchase.

I wanted to also share something that happened to me on Tuesday of last week. Its so small but so sweet. I took the kids to go get donuts for breakfast. Its a treat for them because we don't do it very often. I was feeling a bit guilty for doing it knowing we should be saving our money at this time. I go in and get my usual. One dozen glaze and one dozen chocolate glaze for the kids, and yes 6 small children will eat all 24 in 10 short minutes. I always get two blueberry cake donuts and a sour cream for myself. I ordered my two blueberry and tossed back in forth in my mind if I should splurge and get that sour cream donut.

I talked myself out of it trying to be frugal (I know what your thinking, it only cost what......55 cents) but I just felt better not buying it. I paid the lady grabbed my donuts and drove home. After 10 minutes, and getting the kids their portion and each a glass of milk, I took my little bag of donuts and went and plopped down to eat. I opened the bag and there starring "sweetly" back at me was that sour cream donut I had decided I didn't need.

You cant tell me that The Lord does not care about the little things! I had not said anything out loud in the store, I had only contemplated to myself whether I should get that savory donut. The lady behind the glass had no idea, but HE did!

It wasn't about that donut, in fact I probably didn't really need to eat a third one. It was a message straight from HIM to my heart, that HE loves me. That HE cares about the littlest things in my life, and most of all that I can trust HIM to always provide. Such an intimate thing that donut represented....pure, sweet, merciful, unconditional LOVE!

I love you too!


rcsnickers said...

Oh how wonderful! I love it when the Lord provides even for such a small thing like a donut! God is good!

Glad you are enjoying your time with Rob being home! He sounds like Daniel. Cutting grass even in the hot temperatures! I melt just having to go and drive somewhere in the heat! But to actual labor in the heat? I am a wimp. Thank God for such strong husbands! :)

OH my the job sounds really far. Will be praying that the Lord directs you to the job of his will. Thanks for the update.


Dana said...

Thanks visiting my blog. We are in Mckinney. Life with a buncha boys is full of adventure & surprises isn't it? I wouldn't have it any other way though.
Dana Bailey
mom to 6 boys & 4 girls

Elise said...

He directs our paths - isn't it comforting? :)
Love the donut story - I truly believe God does those little things - just to remind us He's there, and He cares. Sometimes the big things have to be waited for, and He sends the little answers to keep us going.
I kind of want a donut, now.

Michelle B. said...

I told my hubby that the cooler than normal weather and not so hot temperatures that we usually suffer in Texas was because God really loved me. Considering I was due in July and me, pregnancy and heat don't always do well together. As soon as the baby was born the heat came back to Texas. What a blessing the mild temps were during this pregnancy.

Oh that there were such an heart in them, that they would fear me, and keep all my commandments always, that it might be well with them, and with their children for ever! Duet 5:29