Saturday, October 27, 2007

Family Table

We have been needing a new "bigger" table for a while now. Ours sat 6, so the kids ate at the table and Rob and I would eat at the coffee table.

Those days are long gone. Rob has had some free time lately and this is what he has been doing with it.

We now have a table that will seat up to 14 people. His next project will be the benches to go along either side. I figure at leats 5-6 little tooshies can fit on each bench. I am so happy! Its a bit large in the dinning room, but we will adjust to walking around it.


prayzgod said...

THAT is an awesome table! Mine is currently seating 7, can easily seat 8, and can probably seat up to 12, but that's getting a bit crowded around my table. :-?

Michelle B. said...

OH I'm jealous. haha We had to throw out out table as it was coming apart the legs kept falling off. It was not wood and not a study table. We bought it when we had one child and bought it for looks not study dependability. NOw we just have a long work table.

The 'B' Club! said...

That is such a beautiful table! My dh is a carpenter like yours, and it makes projects like these so nice (when they have the time) Right now my dh is framing the basement.

Anyhow your table is beautiful! Your hubby did a fabulous job!


rcsnickers said...

As the others have said, absolutely beautiful and wonderful job! What a handy husband Rob is!

Love it!!!!


Tiany said...

I love you table, you have a talented hubby! I love big sturdy tables! :-)

Hey I just noticed the preggy mommy in your stick pic, are you expecting??? Did I miss a post???

palmerquiver said...

Table is lovely!

We use a 14 foot church pew down one side of our table. Saves space and is easy for cleaning. I like it much more than I thought I would.

Be Blessed!

patchworkofgrace said...

Very beautiful table! I bet it will look fantastic with benches.


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