Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Who doesnt love a contest?

Kim at In A Shoe is having a Vision Forum contest.....and who doesnt love Vision Forum ;-)

Heres the scoop. You browse through the 2008 catalog and choose $150.00 worth of V.F. products. Post them on you blog and cross those fingers. Heres my list. I am a book addict as you will see below.

Passionate Housewives desperate for God $16.00
Family Man Family Leader $15.00
Thoughts for young men $8.00
Raising maidens of virtue $20.00
Home making $20.00
What the Bible says about scorn and mockery $10.00
The wise womans guide to blessing her husbands vision (boy do I need this one right now) $16.00
What to expect from a 12 year old (Yikes only 8 days away) $10.00
The influence of older children on younger children $10.00
How to pass on convictions to your children $10.00
Who controls the womb (always wanted to read this one) $15.00

$150.00 exactly!

.......fingers are now crossed ;-)

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