Thursday, October 18, 2007

Time Together

By the looks of it, it would seem we spend most of our time lately at the park. Yesterday Rob had a bid to give about 45 minutes from our house, near Cooper State Park. So we all loaded up and drove to the house he was putting the bid in for.

North west of Greenville, actually right behind our house is nothing but small towns and farm land. Its beautiful.

The town we went to yesterday had one street going through it with a population of probably 200. The family was super sweet. I got to talkinging with the lady of the house and she was one of 15 children. Yet she only had 3 herself. The children got to play in her chicken coop with brand new baby chicks. We just swang on the back swing and watched the kids play while the men talked business.

After that we headed to Cooper State Park. We saw a box turtle and weird wild melons growing all along the trees. Last time we were there they had a sandy beach area. so we were hoping the kids could go swimming, but the water level was so high it was not possible. Funny considering last year they couldn't swim there because there happened to be no water in the swimming area. Nature is such an ebb and flow isn't it.

I have really been enjoying Robs time home. It has been slow the last few weeks and he has been home quite a bit. There is such a peacefulness around our home right now, even though I should be a little nervous about getting the bills paid. He is providing though, sometimes on the very day the bill is due. Yet HE is providing! Thank You Father!

Rob has been helping around the house, with the kids. Its as if before he was so caught up in work, because they had him working so many hours, that the house was mine to care for and run and work was his "job" Now we both talk about the things going on in the house, he gives me tips, keeps me on my toes with schooling the boys. We are a team both in the house and with the Construction Business. It is worth the trade off of having a steady pay check, to having my hubby here. We got home last night and cooked dinner together. So nice!

The greatest thing to watch is how he has been able to laugh at all the kids antics. Being home with them he really is able to watch them and interact with their day, and smile with them. When he was home, usually only Sundays, he had to catch up on his around the house chores, then it was off to work again. I realize a living has to be made, but I can truly see the benefits of a father being home more than he is away. If the family can work together to make a living that is a real blessing.

Some pictures of our day at the park

Jordans sand castle

Rob and Devon seeing who can swing the highest

Eve pushing her toes in the sand

Jordan running


Rachel said...

My hubby use to work shift work when the kids were smaller. He loved the time off and it really helped me around the house and with the kids. I feel so blessed he was able to have that time when they were little. I loved reading about your day :) Ahh, the simple things in life.

rcsnickers said...

I am happy for you guys. Yes, in a tighter position but watching the Lord provide and having Rob home more to enjoy "family time" is worth it. Daniel works 60 hours a week and does not leave much time for home. In fact, Monday he had jury duty and all the cases were solved by Friday so he got the whole day off with us! It was really nice just having him with us, even napping on the couch together or with a child!

Love your park, I would go there a lot too!

Tiany said...

Your home sounds much like our with Troy home during the day, it is such a blessing to have them home isn't it! So glad to hear things are going so well for you all.

The kitchen picture is my all time favorite kitchen pic, I have had it for years and I am not sure where I got it from, do you want me to email you the graphic or were you looking to buy a print of it?

Tiany said...

Ha ha this is funny but can you tell me what to search for to find that picture on all-posters?

always a blessing to here from you too!

midwifemom said...

Thanks for entering my contest. The amount of midwives up there is actually one of my worries. There are only three down here.

Oh that there were such an heart in them, that they would fear me, and keep all my commandments always, that it might be well with them, and with their children for ever! Duet 5:29