Thursday, May 29, 2008

How does your garden grow?

We had some great rains the past few days, but with rains come lots of weeds and grass. So my goal was to spend about an hour or so out this morning weeding. It was supposed to be super hot today, but my wonderful Father kept the sun at bay and the temperatures down, what a gift that was! So what are we growing?
  1. a variety of tomatoes
  2. bell peppers
  3. acorn squash
  4. yellow squash
  5. zucchini
  6. peas
  7. green beans
  8. red onions
  9. yellow onions
  10. okra
  11. cabbage
  12. cantaloupe
  13. lettuce

I had black eyed peas and black beans growing but I had to pull them out because apparently they attract some pretty fears bugs. I will grow them later in a plot by themselves. We should have yellow squash abound in about 10 days. Let me tell ya gardening is hard work. I know I keep saying that, but its true. What I realized is we have become a people who stand or sit in most everything we do. Squatting and being bent over is a whole other set of muscles. I come in after an hour of working out there and I am so sore. I know Here's a few pics, its hard to get the whole garden in so its just portions.

I saw this tee shirt on a website that sells maternity shirts with sayings. I loved this one! Its kinda a running joke between my two oldest and myself. In an episode of SpongeBob they are visiting Sandy for the first time in her waterless bubble and while they are sitting in there trying to ignore the fact that they needed water, Spongebob says "we don't need water, waters for sissies" trust me it was funny. So when I saw this shirt it cracked me up.


rcsnickers said...

garden looks great. it is a lot of hard work. in my mind, i am wishing we had a garden this year. enjoy all the fruit of your hard work out in it!

jrodges said...

Funny T-shirt.
OH! Have you seen the you tube video of the mother in labor and she is singing.
She has a GORGEOUS voice and is singing and it is said that her 7 year old films while her hubbie plays guitar.
She is wearing a sports bra and her tummy is exposed but it is modest for women to see ;).
You can type in woman in labor sings... she is singing one of Psalms... maybe Psalm 23.
It is really really neat!

Robyn said...

Your garden looks great! :-)

We put in a raised bed garden, last year, following the square-foot gardening method, and we didn't have to pull a single weed all summer. It was the easiest garden I ever had. Much less work than the traditional row-type garden. You might consider that method, if you want to cut down on the hard work. ;-)

Amity said...

I wish I could have a garden :sigh:
I have that shirt..LOL...I got it when I was pregnant with my 3rd. I actually got a lot of positive responses when I wore it :-)

Sarah R said...

Please oh please tell me the site that sells that shirt! I *must* have it!

Candace said...

Yeah, me too! I want the website for that T-shirt!

Great garden......can't wait to start ours once we move!

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