Friday, May 23, 2008

This & That

Devon was switching laundry from washer to dryer when I turned around from the sink and no longer saw Ava standing there...this is what I found. She is the biggest goofball around, always doing silly stuff. I weaned her last week because she was only nursing every couple of days and I was tired of being sore all the time. Well, I guess she is missing it because she started crawling up in my lap and sucking on her forearm. She is giving herself hickeys all up her arm.

We have squash and zuchinni peeking out! I love watching things grow!
This was a coy pond that you can burry in your yard and put fish in, my neighbor gave it to me when she moved. I turned it into a lettuce container garden. In a few weeks we should have lots of fresh lettuce at the table.


Robyn said...

Very cute!

I love the container garden you made, very creative. :-)

Shyla said...

Okay, so I hate it when people do this, but due to a recent event at our house, I have to warn you :o)
I actually blogged about it awhile back as it was really scary. Our two year old thought it would be fun to play in the dryer and got stuck. I don't know if he closed the door on himself on purpose, or accidently closed it while pulling on the door in an effort to get out, but it was only by the grace of God that my husband happened to walk by the laundry room and heard him faintly. You can bet it is a big, big rule in our house now, do not leave the dryer open!

So, since I'm bothering to comment, I wanted to let you know I enjoy reading your blog very much and congratulations on the coming baby! Blessings to your sweet family!

Anonymous said...

that's so funny. i remember when I was a little kid i used to suck on the insides of my elbows all the time. it drove my parents crazy because i had hickeys all over the place. i just liked the feel of sucking on that soft skin.

of course, your little one is slightly younger than I was, lol.

Anonymous said...

Cute pic! She looks so funny!

We just planted our garden over the weekend. It's been chilly and very wet! I love squash! :) I'm going to try and can some. They say it turns to mush. Well see. ;)


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