Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Prenatal Stats....

....already? Gosh time is zooming by! You can read the previous states here, here and here.

We are nearing week 29 only 11 more to go. My due date is Dec 14 but that could be off as much as 14 days, although I think I am pretty close this time. So we can safely say that baby should be here anytime between Dec 1 and Dec 14th. I am in the "wonderful" stage! Past all the morning/noon/night sickness, yet not quite to the miserably big stage. Life is good!

So what are the numbers?

  • Date: September 24th
  • 28.4 weeks gestation
  • weight: still not any real weight gain 181 pounds, my goal is to not exceed 190 during this pregnancy.
  • Pulse: 93
  • Blood Pressure: 118/63
  • Fundal Height: 30
  • FHR (fetal heart rate) 144

So there they are. Nothing out of the ordinary. I have been so blessed with healthy, uneventful pregnancies and deliveries. My Father has been so good to me and I am eternally thankful!!


Elise said...

So exciting, Miss Audrey! I am thinking of you often- your garden is gorgeous! I hope to do much better with mine next year...

jrodges said...

Presley and I are both praying for December 1st so she can have a birthday buddy :).
Glad to here you are feeling well :).
Are you still thinking girl?... did I make that up that this is what you were guessing... :)

jrodges said...

oops hear... not here :)

KeeperatHome said...


I'm so happy everything is going so well! What a blessing! Time is certainly winding down.

I'm amazed that you have gained so little weight. My doctors would be thrilled, but I took your advice and decided not to stress over my weight gain.:-)

In Christ, Talya

Rachel said...

Glad to see an update :) I tagged you for a meme on my blog.

The 'B' Club! said...

After 30 weeks I always say "It's all down hill from here!" And that's exactly how it feels to me.
Good job on keeping your weight under control. Maybe you can share what you have been doing to maintain a healthy pregnancy and keep your weight under control?


Georgiann said...

Hi Audrey,
I'm glad all is well. I'm praying that as your pregnancy is soon to be over,that you get the resr you need. With a new busness and 7 kiddos I'm sure its hard~ I can understand you not having time to get sucked into blogland.
Peace and prayers,
Georgiann said...


Oh that there were such an heart in them, that they would fear me, and keep all my commandments always, that it might be well with them, and with their children for ever! Duet 5:29