Friday, January 18, 2008


Crystal at Biblical Womanhood has featured the Extend-A-Bibs as this weeks give away. You can scroll down and find it under January 15th. Its late notice but if you get over there in time (by Saturday) you can leave a comment and throw your name in the hat.

I am also having a little giveaway as well. I'm feeling really "givey" LOL. I LOVE to give stuff away, if I were a wealthy person you all would have free bibs for life....hehe. So heres the contest. Leave a comment and give me some ideas that I could use for a tea party. If you were inviting your homeschool groups moms and daughters to your house for an old fashioned tea party what are some things you might do?

I said I was feeling "givey" and you will see why! The giveaway ends Sunday at midnight, so leave me a comment!


Robyn said...


How about serving tea at your tea party? You know, in tea cups? With lumps of sugar, and everyone should wear a hat, and dress up, and lift up their pinky, and be all polite and well-behaved. And pink stuff and doilies, don't forget those, and little sandwiches with the crusts cut off, and little frosted cakes.

ha ha ha ha ha ha
That was very helpful, right? All those ideas were my own original thoughts, and I got none of them from storybooks or from google, or anything. You believe me, right?

Ok, I'll behave now. I wonder if all the girls, and maybe some of the moms would like a mini-cupcake decorating station? Bake little mini cupcakes (in a mini muffin pan) and let the girls decorate their own cupcake. With pink frosting, and pretty sprinkles, and edible roses? Too messy?

Michelle B. said...

I would place a nice tablecloth on the table. Would have several different types of tea bags. Would make my great granny's tea cookies. Also make some finger sandwitches. Use some nice china (wouldn't even have to all match) just some nice plates and cups and saucers. Have some fresh cut flowers on the table nothing too fancy and classical music in the background.

Tiffany said...

As everyone to dress in old fashioned dresses if possible. that would be so nice. And like someone else said put out nice table cloths and dollies . Having pretty tea cups would be a plus. that really sounds like fun actually! You could really get creative with it. :) HTH

Anonymous said...

Well here in the UK if we were having a tea party you'd absolutely have to have tea in china tea cups with saucers. And freshly baked scones with jam and cream a must also. Other than those essentials lol, various home made cakes and some little triangle cucumber sandwiches.

Not sure about things to do, but definitely all the ladies dressed in lovely dresses and perhaps read from a story book and play cards?

Not sure that's much help!

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