Monday, January 21, 2008

Productive Weekend

It has been a great weekend, filled with lots accomplished. I had some stuff on my list that kept being pushed back, so I concurred them this weekend. I went through all the business receipts and labeled and recorded them. I uploaded the business bank statements from August to date to Quicken and categorized and reconciled them (I just purchased Quicken a few weeks ago to help me track business accounts) So I think I am ready to do out taxes. One huge task down.

I went through the MomPack fillers I have received over the past few weeks and made MomPacks. If you are interested, Mompacks is a group set up for moms who are business owners to send there promotional material (ei, business cards, etc.) to each other. In turn they are made into packs and given out at any and all events you can think of. I send them out with my orders and give them away at homeschool meetings. Its great for the mom who is receiving it because there are always coupons and samples and little treats.

Then I sewed a dog bed for Franklin. He had taken to sneaking up in the couch at night, which is not allowed. The bed is very big, but so is he. I think he likes it because he hasn't been on the couch sense. The girls thought I had made it for them. Ava was so cute, she crawled up on it and laid her head down like she was going to sleep.

I finished painting the base and window trims for the bathroom and Rob nailed them up. We are 98% done with the bathroom, just a few minor touch ups and shelves to add to the walls for storage. I am so happy with this bathroom. It is the first time I have ever been able to design a bathroom, and after what we had before, to me its beautiful. I have some before and after pics below. Please remember that the before pics are from a 106 year old bathroom.

Bathroom before

After we ripped out a wall to double the size of the bathroom.

New bathroom, with the tub we refinished.

Double sinks so that now we can have two short lines to brush teeth instead of one long one!

I also finished painting the wall downstairs that we had to go through to change out the plumbing. Rob patched the Sheetrock and I painted it and put the baby pics back up with one addition, Miss Ava Rose. I am on the hunt for a matching picture frame, it really sticks out. I didn't keep baby books, so this is the one thing that I do, when each one is 9-11 months they get a formal picture taken and we add it to our wall of fame. If I ever get frustrated I just sit in front of it and remind myself what I was placed here to do and I can see how sweet and precious they started out as ;-) hehehe there still sweet and precious, most of the time!

This is turning out to be one long post, sorry about that. On to the important stuff. The winners of the contest are........EVERYONE! Let me know if you have Boys or girls and how many and I will put a package together based on that. You can contact me here! Have a great Monday!


rcsnickers said...

Your girls are so beautiful! The bathroom looks extremely inviting... the room where I would escape to for sure! I love your baby picture wall.. was looking for a hint in there somewhere... :)

Glad you are doing well.

Robyn said...


Great bathroom! I know it's nice to finally have it done.

But, where do you keep all the toothbrushes, and towels, and lotions and potions, and everything else normally seen a bathroom? I need details! Where's all the stuff, and how do you keep it all organized? :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey I love the blog!
Thanks for visiting our blog at Simple living Alaska. :)
I love the the tub in your bathroom!
Anna Wilkinson
PS I am adding your blog to our blogroll. I look forward to visiting often.
God Bless

Michelle B. said...

Love the bathroom and the dog pillow the girls are so cute! I had a big pillow even bigger than than that when I was little. My parents made it for me out of furry type material I always laid on it in the living room. Well not currently up but I too have a picture of all my little ones together, except I put up all of my kiddos first portrait which I get taken sometime around 3 weeks. I can't hang them up in this house as nothing will stay in the wall I so miss seeing all the kiddos pictures.

dukygurl said...

hey I really like your blog I think I tried and failed to post that a minute ago. I have no idea who I sent that too! I am not too computer savvy! I really like the pics i have two girls and a cat...I stay home and plan to homeschool I love the house! I have remodled a little and then moved. It is tought to do around a small family...cant imagine with a large family. I look forward to visiting blog is at
I have not gottne pics figued out but when I do I will post some pics of the little family and even the cat....ugh...

WendyJanelle said...

Love your pictures! My, my you accomplish a lot!
Thanks for the info about MomPacks, too. I'll have to check that out. We have four children, homeschool, and have a side business. Fun times!! :-)

Mrs. C said...


That's impressive!

I kinda like the 'rustic look' when all the walls were ripped down, but then when I saw how perfect the finished product was I changed my mind. That's the same tub?? Wow.

Oh that there were such an heart in them, that they would fear me, and keep all my commandments always, that it might be well with them, and with their children for ever! Duet 5:29