Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Well, its a two edged sword. The Echo showed no abnormalities. There is some "leakage" but nothing abnormal. They cant find any reason why I am feeling tight chested. He suggested asma (sp), but the x-ray would have shown that, I would think. So I am HAPPY to hear that there is nothing showing up on the tests, yet I still do not know what is making me feel this way.

So I am going to focus on cardio and see if that helps. I used to jog, and I just might take that up again. Perhaps I am just not getting enough exercise? Thank you all so much for praying for me, you ladies mean more to me than you will ever know! They (your prayers) were answered today in a very obvious way when the cardiologist only charged me half of the original quote for the Echo....Praise The LORD!

I am still feeling out of breath but at least I don't have that looming concern of my heart failing! That is a huge relief!


Anonymous said...

Asthma would not show up on a test like that. i will continue to pray for you and am glad that thier is nothing seriously wrong.

Amity said...

I am so happy that it showed that nothing is severly wrong with your heart...and that they only charged you have price..praise the Lord!!! I will continue to keep you in my prayers :-)

rcsnickers said...

Praise the Lord! I too am thankful nothing is serious and they did not charge you full price! Will continue to pray....

Anonymous said...

So glad you don't have to pay the full amount and things aren't serious!

motherofmany said...

I have asthma and it does not show up on any kind of X-ray or test thay have done with my heart issues because it is not a malformation or abnormality in the lungs per se, but a problem with the way they function at times. You would have to have a live picture of the lungs working (like an MRI) in order to see asthma, and even then it would be hard because the narrowing is so slight (but the windpipe is only so big, so it feels like a huge difference!).

Another thing to consider is that a very weird cold/virus has been going around this year that causes tight chest pain and shortness of breath but without any of the apparent causes. More mutations that cannot be as easily figured out!

Oh, halleluia that it went OK and you were spared the whole bill!!!!!!! I've been checking in for an update. I'll continue to pray that whatever is causing the pain will be taken away so that you can return to focusing on your babies!

Robyn said...

I'm so happy to hear they didn't find any problems, and glad they only charged you half price. How wonderful! But, bummer that it still cost an arm and a leg. :-(

We're continuing to pray for you!

I'm curious to see if the cardio helps. Sometimes when I'm really out of shape, it gets hard to get "enough air" so maybe the cardio will help. Just don't push too hard, too fast. :-)

prayzgod said...

I think you should start some light cardio, and monitor your pulse and how you feel as you go.

If it feels good, or normal, then pick it up into a good workout.

Stop immediatly if you get dizzy.

You also may want to eat a lot of homemade soup broths/stocks made from chicken bones, cooked with chicken heart in it.

Michelle B. said...

I have asthma and that tightening of the chest is one of my only symptoms most of the time. Next time you have that feeling get yourself a nice hot cup of coffee and drink it and see if that helps any. If it does it is probably asthma. The heat and the coffee will help to open up your lungs releiving the tight feeling. I have not taken any medication for my asthma in 13 years but recongnize when I am having a little bit of trouble and that is one of the things I can do to help.

Oh that there were such an heart in them, that they would fear me, and keep all my commandments always, that it might be well with them, and with their children for ever! Duet 5:29