Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dresses, how to

New Look 6850
See & Sew B4488
I have been meaning to post this info for about a month now. For those of you who have asked me, I am very sorry it has taken me so long to get to it. Here is how I make the dresses for my girls.

First, I used two patterns. See & Sew B4488 and New Look 6850. The First pattern only comes in smaller girls sizes 1-4. The later pattern comes in sizes up to an 8. If you need larger sizes you can still make this work (I'll tell you how in a second). So here's what I do. I LOVE the See & Sew B4488s look. It has a lovely square neck and a high empire waist, which produces a dress that can be worn for a long time. So I use that pattern to cut out my fabric. I sew the bodice of the cut fabric from B4488 with the sewing instructions of pattern 6850. It is easier and looks better. So that is why I use the two different patterns. I also add buttons instead of a zipper. You will have to sew up the closer if you add buttons before you turn it right side out. (hope that makes sense)

Now what about making larger sizes. You can do this. What I do is use the pattern 6850 because it comes in larger sizes, if I want that square neck and high empire waist then I just cut it like that. You'll be a pro after you have a few dresses under your belt. I use Kwik Trace to design my patterns and swear by it, it allows me to make those size and design changes that I want for each dress and then I have that pattern forever.

Some fun things to do are to make the bodice lining(inside layer) a different fabric pattern than the bodice (outside layer).

Make the bodice and skirt two different fabric patterns/colors.

Add lace or a home made ruffle to the hem of the skirt.

Add a strip of different colored fabric to the base of the bodice, to make that cute easter dress/50's type of look.

I hope that is a little clearer than mud, if not please ask me your specific questions and I promise to get right back to you!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you!! Do you think I can do this? I've only sewn curtains (straight seams) and can't follow a pattern. Button holes?! Oh My! I'll give it a try.


Audrey said...

Terri, why yes you can! I tell you what, I will do a step by step tutorial this weekend, I need to make a few for Eve.

What size will you be making?

Jamie said...

Thank you for sharing this! I still seem to be so short on time though. Are you making any dresses for sale these days? I know you're not in your store, but mabye unofficially? If so, I'd like to buy a couple new ones for Faith.

Wife to Tom
Mama to 6 boys and a girl!

Anonymous said...

Hey Audrey, I just saw your response to my comment. I see you are taking a 30 day break, so not sure if you'll read this, but I would make a size 2T dress. Of course, as my girl grows I would love to make more!


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