Thursday, April 10, 2008


I missed you guys, so I thought I would come say Hi!! Its been a busy time around here with lots going on.

Elijah turned 5 yesterday! I was lamenting the other day that I had 5 boys in 7 was boys boys all the time, and now my baby boy is 5! Seasons really do change, time really does sweep by! Sigh

We have most of the garden in but the weather is not being very cooperative. It has been raining cows and chickens for days. We got hail the other day, like I have never seen before. Luckily it was two days before I put out out my baby tomatoes and peppers, or else we would have lost them.

We had a storm last night that blew over the fence around my garden, now I have to replace that. Or else the chickens will have a hayday in there. We had weather like this all last summer. I think it rained every day for weeks then we would have a break and then more rain. We stayed in most of the summer last year because of the rain. The beach that we frequented had its lake levels rise so much that the beach was gone. I do hope we have a drier season this year. Or at least normal rain and not deluges would be nice!

I am going to put up for sale some of the dresses I made for Eve for this summer, as well as fabric that I have hanging around to make dresses or skirts from. Rob had a pretty big job fall through and well, we still have to pay the I am hoping you gals need some cute dresses for summer.

(you can click on any of the pictures below to get an up close look at the fabrics)

This is a patchwork dress. Very cute! I cut all the squares out and patched them together. all the seams are finished. This dress is a size 3 with a S/H (shoulder to hem) length of 24" There is plenty of room for an undershirt. This dress will come with a pair of matching Boutique Bows all for $25.00 ppd (if you live in a high zone or out of the country I will add a little extra to help cover shipping costs. I also have enough of this material to make a few more dresses so if you would like matching sets or a larger size just let me know.

It was really hard for me to part with this dress. I LOVE this fabric and had been saving it especially for Eves summer dresses this year. Alas I had some help letting go when the gas company called this morning and said that I have 7 days to pay my bill. I figured Eve (and the rest of us) would rather have warm baths and cooked food then have her looking adorable in this dress. Its also a size 3 with a S/H length of 23" It will come with a Red pair of Boutique Bows for $25.00 ppd. Same rules apply as stated above regarding shipping costs.

This too is a very cute dress (food, cute dress, food, cute dress....I'm out numbered, they all choose food....dratts) A floral bodice attached to a light weight denim skirt. Its a bit longer than the other two with a S/H length of 26". Comes with a set of navy Boutique Bows. $25.00 ppd (see shipping rules above)

I have these fabrics on my shelf, so if you see some you like shoot me an email letting me know what size(s) you need and I'll let you know if I have enough.

The forth one over is a lite weight corduroy, very soft. The second one over is seersucker material (great because they need no ironing) The last one with the umbrellas is a "real" vintage fabric. It was given to me and I thought it would make some adorable sundresses!

If you are interested in any of these email me !


Michelle B. said...

I emailed you from my new email

Michelle B. said...

did you get it this time I sent it by two different accounts

Robyn said...

So good to see you again!

CONGRATS on the new little blessing. How wonderful!!!!

dee said...

The dresses are adorable but I LOVE that picture of your boys! If I had girls I would love one of these dresses - maybe someday I will have granddaughters! Blessings, Dee @

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