Monday, April 14, 2008

Thank You

I wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes and congrats! I get very few of them from family, so to hear it at all is wonderful! Thank You!

The three dresses I had for sale are sold! Plus a few more, so thank you so know who you are!

I had an idea the other day. Many have asked me what patterns I use to sew the dresses and I have given an explanation on how I compiled a few patterns and techniques from different sources to create the dress I wanted. Would anyone be interested in buying the fabric already cut out to the size you needed with simple instructions as to sewing them? A kind of Dress Kit. I don't think I have ever seen anything like that available and I wonder if there would be an interest? It would also be a great project for young girls to learn to sew their own clothing. Let me know what you think.

I pray you all have a blessed and beautiful week in our Saviour!!


Tiffany said...

We are expecting our 6th and my family is not too thrilled. It is good to be able to talk to someone who understands how sad it is when family is not too happy for ya. Every child is a blessing and a gift from God. Again congrats!

Robyn said...

The dress kit idea is BRILLIANT!! I would buy several hundred of those. LOL! The cutting out part is the worst, for me.

Let me know, I'm ready to buy them. :-)

jrodges said...

You are so creative :)!
I think the dress kit is a great idea although I must admit that I would probably just buy it already made since I am soooo not a seamstress!

I love to hear about big families. Especially in a God fearing loving home!
We so need more people like that in our world :).
I really hope sometime soon we could all see each other ... maybe with Mike and Julie :)
Miss you all!
Jessica R.

Michele said...

Hi Audrey, I'm a new reader here and just wanted to send out my congrats too! I would be very interested in the dress kits too, love to sew but very crunched for time. My 1 and 3 yo's would look so cute in those kind of dresses!

Thirdtimemomma said...

I would order a dress kit. I inherited a sewing machine from my grandmother and I have never used it! That would totally be easy to get started. :) Could you do a skirt kit for a grown up ;)

And no one ever congratulates me on babies. I dont know why. Im a cute pregger lady. *wink wink* Its sad really.. :)

Crystal said...

Congrats on the new blessing! I have 2 little boys and my family tells me I'm crazy because I want more. Dh and I are trying for more but I dare not tell my family because I don't want to hear their opinions. I think it is wonderful. Oh by the way, if my next one is a girl I would buy some of those dress kits. Your dresses are adorable. God bless your beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! I would be very interested in the dress kits, definitely!


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