Thursday, May 11, 2006

Busy Times

Well it has been a busy few weeks, hence the no postings here. Sorry about that. As you know Rob hurt his ankle

He had a Dr's appointment this past Monday and was told that he will be fine in a few weeks. A far cry from the emergency room Dr who said that it would require surgery and no one ever fully recovers from this type of injury. Praise THE LORD!

We went camping last weekend to Tyler State Park. I love that park. It is where my family went when I was a child so it brings back old memories, and we make plenty new ones. This last trip we were there while no one else was. I like it that way. If I can go somewhere and be one of a few people there I am a happy camper. I guess it is easier to keep up with my brood that way, plus I like quite and calm. Busy and loud makes me nervous and anxious. Anyway we swam and we hiked; where we found wild blackberry bushes and picked and ate until our fingers where red. Then we found some hunysuckle plants and I taught my boys how to eat them. Oh still more old childhood memories flooding in, I am glad to be able to pass them along to my children. We also did smores and tick picking and the usual camping criteria. The boys caught at least 15 tiny fish. Elijah my 3 year old caught one and said look its a shark. To Cute. He also says "I want to go fishing pole" instead of lets go fishing. I love 3 year olds, just delicious!

We or mostly me have been putting up the fence. It is going slowly but I am hoping this weekend we can make some headway. Lifting 50 lb bags of concrete....not my backs favorite thing to do! I'll post some pictures when we are done with it.

We also had our sewer lines replaced.

and now have a nice muddy mess to tend with, but the upside is we have a nice knew sewer line; which comes in handy when the hotwheels cars are flushed down the toilet.
And for those of you who know when we started painting our house...yes it is still not done. It has been 2 whole years. To our defense it is really hard to paint a house that is so tall. By the end of this summer I plan (Lord willing) to be posting a picture of a completely painted home!

One of the cool things that we saw while they were digging is that our street used to be bricks.In fact all of Old Downtown Greenville used to have brick streets.

Well thats been my last few weeks.....busy times.

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