Tuesday, May 30, 2006

To much all at once

Sorry I havent written in a while. I have been super over extended this past week. I got a call from my mother...whom I dont really know all that well...thath she was coming to saty with us and that she would be here in a few hours. WHAT?!? UMM....OK

So there she was and to top it all off, she came sick. I have spent countless hours at the hospital or running errands for her, that I am very tired. I think she knew she was going to get sick and that she had no where else to go, but here.

She is out of the hospital now...so hopefully things will get somewhat back to normal. I had to postpone the Big Birthday Bash, because it just wasnt a good time....yes not fair to the kids...but I didnt know what else to do. So the Party is this Saturday. The fence is finished and the yard is picked up and mowed, that is a great thing.

My hard drive took the final plung a few days ago, you know, the big blue screen of death...taking my life with it. NO, nothing was backed up...I lost it all. Including all the pictures from Eves first year of life. I hate technology, although it is so conveniant. Its a love hate relationship for sure. I am back up and running now with an empty computer that seems so (not mine) Trying to re-download and recreate all the software and spread sheets that I lost as well. UGGG

I have other news but will wait until later to post it.....so stay tuned....I am off to try and have some kind of normal day today. Wish Me Luck!!!

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