Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Day!

So, what did you do on mothers day? Well, Im glad you asked! I built a fence! I hate feminism and consider it the downfall of our wonderful nation....but alas I must say....I am woman here me roar!! I did not do it all by myself, but I did screw in 5 lbs of screws...which roughly is about 500 screws.

We are not done; still about 200 feet to go, but I am still so happy. We have 2 empty lots next to our home and have tried in the past to purchase both lots. This past spring one owner decided to sell, so our yard is in the shape of an upside down L; yet one day we hope that the other owners will change there minds.

We chose a wooden privacy fence because even though there aren't to many houses directly around us the ones that are there the people are well.....profane. They cuss while saying good morning to each other. Its pretty sad. So needless to say being able to sit in the backyard and not hear them will be a blessing.

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