Monday, February 26, 2007

Heather and Candy, thank you so much for the advice. I went to the Dr today and he said that my urine showed signs of infection and blood, then he sent me over to get a CT scan to diagnose what was going on in there. I have never had a CT scan before and it was a bit nerve racking (I am closterphobic) but I made it through it and should know the results today (if its serious) but at least by tomorrow. The Dr was not convinced that it was my kidneys though due to the location of my pain.

I had thought that I had a UTI forming about 2 weeks ago and began to take Cranberry capsules, garlic and echenachia (sp) along with lake loads of water. Then on Wed the pain hit in my side. I called my uncle and he called me in some amoxicilin (I hate to take antibiotics, but was concerned the infection was moving into other areas of my body) although the antibiotic does not seem to be kicking the infection.

The Doc said that there is really nothing more that he can give me while nursing, and my hubby (not truly understanding the importance of nursing and also worried about my health) said that if its an infection that requires strong antibiotics he would want me to stop nursing and take the medication. I DO NOT want this to happen!

I am not sure what I am hoping for at this point. At least if it were a kidney stone I could get through that naturally without medication. I will know more shortly and at that point can decide what to do. I'll keep you posted...once again thanks for the advice and I will be drinking lemon water if I do infact have stones. ;-) I did find an herbal tincture online tha is supposed to desolve the stones, but once again I dont know if it is safe to take right now.


runningtothecross said...

It gives me some comfort to know that you went to see a dr. I will often avoid the dr. at all costs, but with the pain you described I was hoping that sooner or later (if it continued) that you would see a dr.

I will pray that the dr. will figure out what is wrong soon.

Take Care!
God Bless!

rcsnickers said...

Oh wow, does sound more serious. I hope you hear results today. Praying for ya,

Anonymous said...

There is usually no reason to quit nursing due to medication concerns you should google Dr. Jack Newman and read his articles about nursing and different medications and medical treatments. Hope this information helps and I will pray for a swift recovery.

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