Sunday, February 25, 2007


Sorry I havent been blogging much lately. I have not been feeling real well lately. All of my research seems to be pointing to a kidney stone. Ughh!! And from what I have read most people say that "it is the worst pain I have ever felt in my life" or "Its comparable to labor" which is not really fare because I did that a few weeks ago and no person, no matter how horrible they may be, deserves to give birth two times in a 3o day period.

The pains had subsided for about 24 hours which made me hopeful that it was not kidney stones, only to return again today. This is all really strange because I eat really well and I do not take or eat excessive calcium. Who knows?

I have a bunch of cute pictures to share as soon as I am feeling good enough to sit here long enough to upload them. Please pray for me if you feel led, that this would go away quickly.


rcsnickers said...

I was just going to writeandask if eveerything was okay. Miss hearing from ya!

Sorry about the kidney stones. Daniel gets them a lot! He just had one recently. My MIL has had them and said it was worst then labor. Yeah, not fair to experience the pain that close to each other and not have another bundle to hold!

All I know is drink lots of water andcranberry juice. Will definately be praying for ya.

Can't wait to see your pictures WHEN you are feeling better!


prayzgod said...

Kidney stones aren't caused by having/taking too much calcium, but by not having enough calcium. If you drink coffee, this leaches the calcium from your bones, and you lose it in your urine. This peaks about 3 hours after you drink the coffee. Soda's and other cafenated beverages also do this.

Also, if you eat store bought bread, or homemade bread without first soaking the grains, then you are ingesting inhibitors that inhibit calcium absorbtion.

How are your teeth? Are the brittle at all? If so, this is also caused by lack of calcium.

I suggest you make a lot of slow cooked bone broths to help up your calcium, stay away from cafein and only eat whole grain breads that are handmade by you, that you soaked first, and leavened via sourdough.

Also, I personally lose calcium after I have babies, and have to be careful. Sometimes when your urinate, is it a bit cloudy, or is there some sediment? If so, that could be calcium in high concentration.

Michelle said...

I had a kidney stone 6 weeks after the birth of my first daughter. Hopefully you'll get past this soon. You're in my prayers.

runningtothecross said...

I was wondering about you, too, but I figured you were just busy with your new baby. I'm sorry to hear that I am wrong.

I was reading up on kidney stones to see what could be done and there are a few things that are completely natural and safe for nursing mothers.

1) You can drink the juice of 1/2 a fresh lemon in 8 oz. of water every half-hour until the pain stops. You can alternate this with fresh apple juice, as well.

2) Another thing you can do (but you may not feel up to it) is drink a large amount of liquid & allow it to digest for 20 min., then run up and down the stairs vigorously. This has been known to allow the small stones to pass naturally. You probably won't feel up to doing this since to are still post-partum, but you may get desperate.

Dehydration can cause the formation of kidney stones and nursing can cause you to dehydrate quickly.

Another remedy that you may want to ask your midwife about is a combination of lobelia tincture (3-4 drops) & wild yam tincture (15 drops) in a glass of warm water. This helps to relax the ureters, relieve pain, and speeds up the passing of the kidney stones. You would sip this combination throughout the day. As I said before, I don't know if this is safe for nursing mothers so please check it out before you use it. I will continue to search through my herbal books to see if this is safe and if I learn something, I will let you know!

I'll keep you in prayer!

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