Friday, January 06, 2006

Warning...Im complaining.

hi-ho hi-ho were did all my energy go. Oh yes, I remember now..sorry I dozed off there for a second. I am sooo exhausted thanks to my 2 year old son. He has spent 2 straight nights screaming that his legs hurt. I mean blood curdling screams. I almost took him to the emergency room last night at around 3:00am so that I could get him some kind of relief. Rob suggested I give him a hot bath, which worked! Then he slept with us the rest of the night. But geesss, enough already! I HATE not being able to help them when there hurting. We think its probably growing pains, but if it continues on we will have to go pay an arm and a "leg" hehe for them to re-assure us that "yes" it is growing pains, and that will be 200.00 please.

Today I am wishing I had $9683.00 or at least $1500.00 dollars of that (see post Nov. 17th) My tooth is hurting really badly. Pay property tax or fix aching tooth....Pay property tax or fix aching tooth....I am weighing out the pros and cons as I sit here. Don't you have dental insurance, you ask? Yes, if you want to call it that. I call it giving away money to a company that will be of no use to us. I have to wait 12 months before my major dental kicks in (which extractions are considered major)and even then they will only pay 1000.00 a year. Well on the bright side I should be able to loose those 15 pounds I have been wanting to loose, because eating hurts. Down side, I am nursing still or I would just throw back a bottle of whiskey and let Rob pull it out with some pliers. Perhaps I should watch Castaway again and bone up on my self-tooth-knocking-out-skills. Well I just have to keep telling myself that no one has ever died from an abscessed tooth...right. I mean I have never heard them saying on the 9 o-clock news that so and so was found dead due to a bad tooth. Oh that silver lining, I am a pro at finding it!!!

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