Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Reasons Why....

....I love my husband

1) He married me....a long story and enough said! LOL

2) He has given me 6 awesome children, even though he would have been happy having only 1.

3) He has left the Urologists office twice over the past 5 years because he knew I would be really sad, even though I told him to do what he felt he needed to do.

4) He will be late for work just because he sat in bed and rubbed my back for 30 minutes that morning, and didn't expect anything in return...although Im sure he wouldn't have objected ;-)

5) He tries really hard to never hurt my feelings and 95% of the time succeeds!

6) He tells me Im beautiful and that he loves me just the way I am (the extra 20 lbs and all) And I believe him! LOL

7) The way he smiles at the children, with that glow in his eyes, and sometimes they well up with tears, but I don't ever let him know I see it.

8) Because he writes me sweet letters when it isn't Valentines day, letters like this one he wrote last summer....

Audrey, Its lunch right now and Im thinking a lot about us, you more than me. I need to tell you how blessed I feel. I have a marriage most would love to be in. I have 5 beautiful children, who are so different from one another. I have you, a woman who takes on so much everyday and still never takes anything out on me. You are an extraordinary person. I could never tell you how important you are to me. We have become one person it seems. I want the rest of my life to be with you. I want us to raise a family we are proud of. Even if we have to adjust the people in our lives. I love you and are proud to be with you. I could never see me having anyone else in my life. You are who I open my eyes to in the morning and close them to at night. I want to be everything you need. Thank you for my life, my children and my future.
I love You, Rob

Do you need a tissue? I sure do. I found this note while cleaning out something yesterday. It is amazing how I could even forget something so sweet, but as life gets messy and busy it gets pushed to the side. What a great man I have!

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