Wednesday, February 15, 2006

So I did it

I finally went to work out at our local Y. I have had a membership there for the last 4 months and have gone twice, with no kids. Yes sad, considering the state of my backside. To here "it" tell it I should be there every time the doors open.

So my friend here in town met me there (with her 6 kids) and we swooped down on the poor unsuspecting child care worker like a swarm of locusts. You should have seen the look of confusion on her face as the 2 of us walked in with our 12 kids all of them under 10.

She sits there for a minute in silence, then says the first thing she can think of, "These kids need to have memberships, you cant bring your neighbors kids." Um, OK well these are our kids. Yah, nice try... but you cant weasel out of it that easy lady.

So then she says "well, you ladies need some time to go relax" RELAX?!? I could probably think of 100 other places I would be right now if I were wanting to relax.
And why is it that people assume that if you have more than 1.2 children you must be in need of time "away"? Is it common for people to have many children and subsequently spend there days trying to get away from them? I happen to enjoy being around my children all the time, of course I do like a little privacy in the JON, but that's a distant dream and forgotten luxury. And apparently we get some free time due to the new addition every 19 months or so.

So we did get some working out done, on the torcher devices(ie: Nautical Machines). I found muscles I had forgotten about, and they seemed to be mad at me for waking them up. All in all, it wasn't a horrible experience although I might feel differently in the morning.

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