Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ramblings of Yesterday

I finished another dress for Eve yesterday. Remember the material I bought on the clearance table? This is the material that was 1.00 a yard So the dress cost me 1.50. I love the fabric pattern. It will match her blue eyes...and who doesn't love roses? I am kinda getting the hang of the button holes, although they still are not as perfect as I would like them to be. I realized my sewing machine (that was given to me free so I'm not complaining) does not have a built in button hole I have to free hand it, YIKES!

Devon is real big on taking trash and creating "stuff" out of it. I had a great idea to create a notebook for him. It will in include a picture of the creation with a descriptive paragraph above to tell all about what he made. I wish I would have thought of this earlier. I thin kit will be fun for him to look back on when he is older and see the things he made as a boy. The creation that spurred this on was his Sonic Grappling hook. Yes he named it...isnt that cute? Its hard to see in the pictures but the hook (a paper clip and rubber band) is pulled back and released which then will allow his action figures to climb up tall things. LOL

I also wanted to share a great "TO DO list" over at Tianys blog. I really enjoyed reading this list during my quite time last night. Oh how much work I have left to do. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could wake up just complete. Never again raise your voice, talk down to, be sarcastic, think wrongly of anything or anyone again. To be filled with ALL the fruits of the spirit. To glow as you go through your day, while letting nothing distract you or worry you. I loved these particular versus as I read through it:

In II Tim. 2:22 we are told to flee the evil desires of youth and to pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace. II Cor. 7:1 tells us to purify ourselves from all that contaminates our body and spirit. We are to clothe ourselves with the Lord Jesus, (Rom. 13:14) and live a life worthy of our calling. (Eph. 4:1) We are to live as children of light and to find out what pleases our Lord. (Eph. 5:8, 10)

Can you imagine what it is like to clothe yourself with Jesus Christ. To put him on like a dress...pull him over your head and down around you until He is covering your body. What a visual that is for me. As followers of Christ how often are we walking around completely naked? I got to thinking about what I could do to clothe myself in Him and it all boils down to one thing. Keep Him close to me all day. Read the scriptures, pray without stopping, always be thinking how would The Father want me to handle this and trust in Him to help me carry out those tasks. much work to be done!

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Tiany said...

Lots of work to be done here too! :-) I guess that’s why the To Do List spoke to me so profoundly...

So how are ya feelin??? Baby moving and kicking much? My little guy kicks like a soccer player LOL

Oh and about HTML, what are you trying to do??? Email me if you like! Also here is some info candy has passed along to Amity, she is also trying to figure out how to "dress" her blog.

" has a good html basics tutorial. :-) Also, I suggest you read a book called "HTML in a Nutshell." It's very helpful. :-)"


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