Friday, September 01, 2006

A new addition to the family!

Rob and I love BIG dogs. We have always wanted a mastiff, but couldn't justify spending 2,000 on a dog. I have had our name on pet finder for over a year, and when there would be an available mastiff that needed to be adopted we were notified. There was always a reason why we hadn't adopted. Either the adoption agency didn't want the animal to go to a house with small kids; or they were to far away. So I received another notice over a week ago. It was for a Boarboel Mastiff, which Rob and I had never heard of before (and we know our mastiffs ;-) So we went to look at him at the vet were he was staying, only 30 min. from our house!

He was found emaciated and covered with ticks and fleas about 2 months ago. They nursed him back to health and put weight back on him (he still needs to gain about 15 more) This dog was meant for our family. He is the most gentle and patient giant I have ever seen. Our dog Maverick played (pestered) him for the entire 3 hours he was first here and then we had to separate them so we could get some sleep.

So we introduce to you Franklin.

Yes, this is the large sofa in the main living room...the one that will seat 5-6 children...but only one Franklin. He was so heavy he was sinking in between the cushions. And yes that is drool he is dripping onto the couch cushions, Yuk!

Playing in the back yard with Maverick early this morning.


Tiany said...

WOW, that is one amazing DOG! How old is he, how big will he get or is the 15 lbs needed it???

Have fun with your newest addition! You are one brave woman! My hands feel plenty full with 3 boys and two dogs LOL not to mention the $$$ we spend on diapers and dog food! LOL

Audrey said...

They believe he is around 2 years old, so he is full grown. The average weight for the males is between 150 and 200.

You know as your family (kids or animals) grows, it does it gradually; so you have time to adjust.

Even though I have always wanted a large family (10 kids was always my number) if you would have asked me when I had only 3 if I could imagine having 6 I would have laughed. There is a real turning point to when the oldest 2-3 hit ages 8,9,10. They are so much help!

I can say in all honesty that it was harder back when I had only 3-4 kiddos than it is now.

Dog food is expensive isnt it. We went to the pet store a few days ago and bought a leash, dog food and dog shampoo and walked out paying over 70.00 < sigh >

rcsnickers said...

I am sure the kids are enjoying the new dog! We used two have FIVE dogs, but two died last year. Now that was an expensive dog food bill. We had a rotrieller (sp?)who weighed at least 150 if not more. She was the kindest dog! She even had 15 puppies. She was so big we did not know she was pregnant until two days before she gave birth! What a surprise that was...

ten children? Now I know we are kindred spirits. All growing up I have said I want ten children. four down and six to go. Wish I was closer like you!


Audrey said...


For what ever reason your blooger doesnt like me and everytime I try and leave you a comment it laughs at me and says "sorry we couldnt process your request"

So just know that I have bookoos of comments for you floating around out there in the vast openess of cyberspace. LOL

*pinky* said...

He is indeed a very handsome dog! I am very much a dog lover and although my dog is not even half the size of yours he has a very big heart! I call my dog my 4 legged hairy baby. He too was a rescue dog, makes them all the more special I think!

Oh that there were such an heart in them, that they would fear me, and keep all my commandments always, that it might be well with them, and with their children for ever! Duet 5:29