Friday, October 20, 2006

Bad Blogger... why do you spite me so?

I posted yesterday but blogger wasnt really in the mood to publish my post. It seems to be really difficult and time consuming (or wasting) lately to post. Wonder what the problem is? Oh well!

Today is Friday and around here that means deep cleaning, no school work and a fun jaunt to the park. We enjoy our Fridays! We turn the radio up and get to work. The house is usually done by 11:30 then its lunch and park.

The weather has gotten a bit chilly here. It was 36 this morning, but should warm up to the low 70's by mid day. My dear Rob had the flu on Wednesday and stayed home from work. Recovery was super quick, he was better by the next day! Thankfully he didnt share. Its pretty rare that we share things around here. I guess we have good immune systems! Thank The Lord!

I on the other hand must be getting a second round of the pregnancy yuks. I have never done this before, so I am a bit perplexed. I had about a good month of feeling great and now not so much. I am still taking my vitamins and orderd some raspberry tea and iron boosting herbs from Precious Arrows. So hopefully I can get to feeling better.

Have any of you ever expereinced a second helping of prego sickness. Did you determine the cause. I have heard that pregnancies with multiples tends to lend itself to more sickness, but I am measuring right on track so that is very unlikely. Oh well, this to shall pass!

If blogger feels up to it here are some more cute pictures of my youngest two, playing and being cute.

Thats the prettiest flower I have ever seen!
I cant believe she has gotten so big. She is saying new words every day. Yesterday she heard us say money in school and she kept saying it all day. When Rob got home, Miss Eve shared her newly learned word with daddy, he determined it is way to early for that word. LOL

Her favorite word is daddy, she just like to here herself say it. But if you ask her to say mommy she will smile at you and say NO!

Elijah and Eve going over the plan that will get them in the pond with the turtles!


Tiany said...

Cute pics! I love her little striped outfit! Oh what fun you must have dressing your precious doll :-)

I'm sorry about your new bout of pregnancy yuk! I cant say that I have had that happen but I am VERY uncomfortable, very early on as you know. I feel like I should be having this little one any day now and the braxton hicks are getting rough!

Anonymous said...

Oh I too hope your feeling up to par again soon! You have what 14wks left?

Did you have any feelings that Eve was going to be a girl? Any feelings on this one? Any names picked out? Would love to hear who to pray for!

I LOVE that sweater dress and striped leggings!! Too precious. Eve is what 16 months old now? She is beautiful!


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