Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Random thoughts

I am still waiting on the pictures from the MOMYS gathering from the MOMY who took them. She is supposed to email them to me sometime this week. So when she does I will post them. I couldn't believe I forgot my camera. That was the one thing I kept telling myself to grab. I guess I need to stick my old camera in my car and leave it there, for days I am forgetful.

Today we will be cleaning the house doing laundry and I need to take the car in and vacuum it out and wash it. Run a few errands and get ready for Thursday. We are going to the State Fair of Texas tomorrow. That is always a lot of fun. Hopefully by going during the week it wont be as crowded as last year.

I have been feeling fantastic lately. I have soooo much energy! So I am really trying to get as many projects done around the house, which is why I haven't been posting daily lately.

I did receive the Fall Teach Magazine a few days ago. I have to be honest and say that I have been waiting to post about it for a while now because I wanted to be able to say something good. I had received and read two prior magazines but for whatever reason could not connect with the articles. BUT this last issue was fantastic. There were articles that were inspiring, encouraging one that made me cry and another that I read to my husband and his words were simply "WOW"

Needless to say I was very impressed with the magazine this time around! A few of my favorite articles were these:

Angels in the Alley: This was an eye opening article, a true story, author not named. It is really neat to read things like this to bring back that strong understanding that if we belong to The Father we are protected, unless He sees fit otherwise. I truly think that this has happened to me many times throughout my life and I just never knew it! Great article!

Organized Chaos: This was an article that basically encouraged me to just keep going. That I was on the right track. To keep it up on a daily basis and it will be easier to manage. Here's an excerpt:

"First you must learn to live life AWARE. Many moms seem to just shuffle through their days unaware of what they could or should be doing to make things run more efficiently in their home. The Bible says that we should take captive every thought (11 Corinthians 10:5). I go one step further and say that we should take captive every moment. Don't let your life just randomly fly by. Be aware of the needs of the individuals living in your home. Be aware of what it takes to make your home run. Be aware of schedules and appointments. Be aware of preparing for the future as best you can. Begin to live life aware instead of drifting through life, hoping things will just work out." .....Be intentional about your life. Don't leave your life or the lives of your precious family to chance. Get intentional about how you live your life, how you run your home, and how you make sure things get done. This involves a shift in thinking and does not lend itself to laziness. It enables your family to reach into the cabinet and find food or toiletries. When you live intentionally , you weigh the cost of every scheduling decision and maximize your time at every turn.

This was a very convicting article for me. I am not a sloth, but I am not as consistent and deliberate as I know I need to be.

Oh Father please give me all that I need, to be all that I need to be!

Swinging on the back porch: This was written by a mom to 14 dc. This article made me cry. The precept is that "We have this moment, today!" She talks about a particular day where her children, 7 at the time where all little and playing in the back yard while she swang on the porch swing. How that moment was so special! I have had those moments, they are glorious! And I realize that they go so quickly. Here is the excerpt that made me cry ;-)

"I remember so clearly one warm sunny day in May. I had seven children at the time, one just two weeks old. The kids were outside playing in the sprinklers, laughing and making up games. God spoke so clearly to my heart that day saying, "Cherish this day. Bask in this moment" I did and I still do now! Today three of those little boys are married, two have children of their own, and one of those boys is in heaven, which makes that memory even more precious to me. "

There is a song by Doug Oldham that says this:

We have this moment to hold in our hands,
and to touch as it slips through our fingers like sand.
Yesterdays gone, and tomorrow may never come,
but we have this moment today!
There were many more articles that were lovely to read. You can find this magazine at


Anonymous said...

I love your "random thoughts!" So true. I read an article the other day about our children "firsts" and now she is living for her children's children's firsts. How we enjoy the first and too soon it will be our last children's first and time has slipped away. I so want them to stay young and always want "me" to sit next to them, to hold them, to read to them, etc. I know as adults we will have another special relationship but something about the childish relationship. So simple and full!

Oh yeah -- I would come in a heart beat to hold your new baby in early Feb!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I forgot to ask, when is your approximate due date? Do you tend to go over?


Audrey said...

Letisha, I am thinking around Feb 6-10. I have not gone over yet and have always been a few days early.

My latest possible date is the 10th so probably the 7th or 8th ;-)

Anonymous said...

My calendar is marked so I won't have to ask again!!!

way too excited!!!


Audrey said...

oohhh...oohhh...oohhh....your realy serious!?!

I'm sooooo excited!!!

Anonymous said...

oh no, I dislike mistyping (miscommunications)! I WOULD love to come but not sure if I actually can!! It would be 10 hr drive. BUT we can PRAY about it. I was telling my sister and she has been wanting to visit her best friend in Arlington. We got the map out and Dallas in right between both cities. We are going to PRAY!!!! It would be beyond joy to meet and see you and your family in person!


Oh that there were such an heart in them, that they would fear me, and keep all my commandments always, that it might be well with them, and with their children for ever! Duet 5:29