Friday, June 15, 2007

Busy week

I have just been sewing away over here. I had three orders come in within a few days of each other, so that is taking all my "work/free" time. Many have asked how I have time to train children, homeschool and keep my house while running a small business. Well, its simply organization. The boys are done with morning chores and school work by 11:30. This is a must or else the day is lost. After lunch and table chores its play time for most, catch up for any that did not complete something earlier. Eve my 2 year old goes down for her nap at 1:00 and sleeps for 3 hours. This is when I get alot of sewing done. The baby will either nap or play while I sew. The boys draw, play outside, build cities out of books play games on the chalk board, Etc. They are so good at keeping busy and for the most part out of trouble. Then after 3:00 the shop closes for a few hours until around 8:30. The kids are in bed and I can get in a few hours before bedtime.

Now this sounds like alot of sewing but as we all know when it rains it pours. So I can go for a week or longer with no orders and plenty of free time. The Lord seems to know just how much I can handle and that is what He sends my way. So that is how I get things done around here.

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Tanya said...

I have had a huge desire to learn to sew the last couple of years. I keep saying I am going to take a class at the technical college but haven't. I would love to make my own kids clothes. Do you have pictures of some of the things you have made? What kind of business do you do?

I love reading your blogs.

Oh that there were such an heart in them, that they would fear me, and keep all my commandments always, that it might be well with them, and with their children for ever! Duet 5:29