Thursday, June 21, 2007

Update and more ramblings

Mary Zander has been doing AWESOME. She no longer has chest tubes, she eats on her own, shes no longer sedated at all, she is walking, she did not have to have a lung transplant! She has been healed. She just did a 180 and within a few days came completely out of a comma. Within the next few days and lots of tests they found that her lungs were healing themselves. This is no small thing. She had lungs of a 90 year old. I suspect that within a month she will be at home Being a baby girl again!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!! I am sooo excited about this! For those of you who prayed for her your/our prayers were heard and answered!!

On to things around here. Rob and I have made a decision to move closer to his work. He currently drives over one and a half hours to and from work for almost three years now. We have stayed because this is my dream home. Three story over 4,000 sq feet, beautiful 105 year old Colonial. This home on the other side of the metroplex would cost around 400,000.....we bought it for 75,000!!

It will be a sacrifice and a sad loss to move. BUT, my midwife is looking for a home to purchase to turn in to a Birth center. She had voiced during our last visit that my house would be perfect. If I can not be here, I would be so happy knowing that my home spent the rest of its days having babies brought into this world inside its walls.

So I am a mess of emotions..... sadness, excitement, loss, moving on, I hate moving, The Father will provide though and I need not worry about finding a home, there is one out here somewhere and HE will take us to it.


runningtothecross said...

WoW!!! Amazing post. God has really been working!

I would love to buy your home but I'm afraid it is in the wrong part of the country. We have already made one 1100 mile move, don't think we need to make another! That would be awesome if your midwife bought it & used it for a birthing center.

I understand the pricing difference too! The house we sold in MO, we sold for $50,000 and one just like it here in the northeast would cost at least $150,000! It is unbelieveable!

Praying for your family!

Tiffany said...

That house is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great price. PRaying for you

rcsnickers said...

Wow, that can add up to a lot of emotions and big decision. Long drive for Rob, great for a birth center... will be praying!

God always provides ...


Swylv said...

OK so do you live in the KS/MO area? may take ya up on the offer of playmates for DS and another mom to fellowship with.

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

I like the title of your blog, yes, we can enjoy heaven on earth with our blessed families and peaceful homes. It is a good thing to see you trusting in our Lord during your move.

Where God guides, He provides!

Many blessings!

rcsnickers said...

OH I forgot! Praise God that Mary is healed! What a blessing and great relief for her family. Thank you for the updates on her.

What a miracle.


Oh that there were such an heart in them, that they would fear me, and keep all my commandments always, that it might be well with them, and with their children for ever! Duet 5:29