Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Progress & Ponder

In case you thought that I might be hiring out to have all this painting done, here's my proof. Oh, and ya I read the top of the ladder...but I'm short and there is just no other way. Please avert your eyes from my backside. Painting is dirty, hot work.

So here's the fruit of my labors thus far. I woke up at 5:45 this morning and got to work. Much easier while there are no little fingers getting into the paint. It has been primed and is now ready for the main paint. I am amazed at how brighter and bigger it looks now!

Herein lies my dilemma. I am not sure how to get this painted. It is directly over the staircase. Rob had mentioned placing a long board across, perhaps I will try that...its just such a long way down.

Lastly, had I known that $3.48....10 minutes....and the willingness to turn your hands purple, would have been all it took to get that window panel stained; I would have done it 2 years ago! Maverick likes it.


Amity said...

I have been painting around here too!!! I did my whole basement, now I have to paint the mural on it. Last week I did my son's bedroom in two whole days and two coats. By the way if you are using a roller you can an extender pole for very cheap, it just twists on to the end of the regular roller. Don't want to see any accidents happening ;-)

Yeah, I did not write any of birth stories down either, this is the first time. I know I missed alot of the details, oh well. Of course you have a few more to remember then me though, LOL.

Audrey said...

Thanks Amity for the tip. Yes, I have blisters to show that I have been pushing a roller (with extension) way too long LOL

We have 10 foot ceilings, so I have to stand on the ladder to trim in the ceiling and woodwork with a brush.

Elise said...

Well, it's a cute rear view! ;)

You are incredible - everything looks so great! Esp. the window panel - much better!

Praying for the Lord to sustain you through the rest of this process, my friend.

(p.s. - when money is not so tight - I will be making an order from your store - it sounds like you're a little busy right now anyway!)

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