Monday, June 25, 2007

Painting is hard work. Walking up and down the ladder, pushing the roller up and down the wall over and over for hours. Getting in odd positions and holding it for 15 minutes while you trim in between very tight door casings. I woke up yesterday so sore I could hardly move. I had muscles hurting in places I didnt realize there were muscles. Yet what did I do, I kept painting. Heres what I have to show for this weekends work.
This is the hallway/stairs leading from the entryway.

It is complete! I will be ripping up the carpet on the stairs and either leaving the wood if its in good shape, or putting down a runner carpet if not in so good of shape. This is my next area to paint. The hallway upstairs that has 5 doors and a bunch of wood work to trim around. Not to mention, I'm not sure how I will get to the top of the wall at the top of the stairs. hmmm?
On a more fun note, here we have summer fun going on. I remember doing this when I was little, putting the sprinklers on the trampoline and jumping much fun!I really have soooo much to do, if I'm not careful it seems a bit overwhelming. Along with painting the whole house. I have flooring in the bathroom and kitchen to rip up and replace. Totes to load up and take to storage as to declutter the house. A baby to nurse and children to play with. We will be taking two weeks off of school as a"special break" to give me plenty of time to complete these things. I also will not be taking any sewing orders until July 15th. I have one order to finish up today and get in the mail, then I will have that extra time available as well. Please keep me in your prayers that nothing goes out, LOL like my back or my foot, or most of all my sanity!!


family1st said...

okay, that sprinkler/trampoline looks like fun!

Good job on the painting. I bet you are tired what the results are worthwhile. Get plenty of rest between work and all you do!


Tanya said...

Awsome job on the painting. Looked like a lot of work. Especially in the summer when it was probably hot outside. I love the results. You have a beautiful home.


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