Thursday, April 19, 2007

Chicken Licken

Well they are 10 days old today. Feathers are coming in and they love to try them out. They are experiencing the great outdoors for the first time today. I had an old raised garden bed that is perfect size for them. They are chasing little flying bugs around, their sight is impeccable. Maverick really wants to play with them, or eat them not sure which one....but he is behaving himself as long as someone is looking. I haven't introduced Franklin to them because I have a feeling they would become a snack, and he is to big for me to hold back.

I ordred 11 because that was the least I could order, I want 8 for layers and they sent me 13 so 5 of these little ladies will not be so lucky as I try my hand at dressing them for my freezer. I have learned quite a bit this first time around and am glad I didnt just go for the gusto and order my meat birds at the same time. I will write a post soon on what I have learned and tips for those who may also be wanting to raise their own backyard chickens.


Joel and Jaime said...

Hi! I just found your little dress shop through a link at Elise's sight,and I love it! I'm planning on ordering a dress for my little girl. I was unsure of sizes, though, and I didn't see measurements on your page. My little girl is two and a half, and measures about 33 inches tall. What size do you think for her? A two or three? Leave me a comment on my blog-page and let me know, if you find time. Thanks!

runningtothecross said...

We raised chickens for a while, they are okay as long as they stay out of the yard! LOL! You really have to watch your step if they roam everywhere.

11 is a good number (or 13). You will start getting eggs around the time they turn 17 weeks old. If they are good layers, you probably won't have to buy eggs anymore.

Baby chicks are so fun to watch! I hope you enjoy your experience!


rcsnickers said...

Are you going to pluck the chickens? Oh you are one brave lady! I would love to have chickens for eggs but actually eating the chicken for dinner? Not sure if I could do the work. I am wimp there.

I am enjoying living the farm life through your experience. Thanks for letting me.


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