Friday, April 20, 2007

Kid Comedy

Over at In a shoe you will find some funny kid comedy. Here is my contribution.

One of the questions/comments that a mother hears on a daily basis many, many times a day is "MOM, I'm thirsty" or MOM, I need a drink" or if you are my 22 month old you will say "Wheres my weeowww?" This is what she calls her drink, we still haven't figured out where it came from, but its cute. So when I hear this question/comment I dutifully go to the fridge and ask "milk or tea?" Which leads us to the kid comedy. Yesterday I was nursing my 9 week old and my four year old asks "MOM, did Ava ( 9 week old) want tea or milk? ROTFL


rcsnickers said...

oh that is funny!!!! Tea or milk? Thanks for the laugh!


Pam said...

Is the right side TEA and the left dside MILK?? Aren't kids the greatest! Thanks for the smiles!

I also am wondering how your foot pain is? I have Rheumatoid arthritis, was diagnosed at age 27 and I'm now 46. I wonder if you have found real relief yet?

Audrey said...

Pam you are too funny. Thanks for asking about my foot pain. It is feeling better although my left hand still gives me problems from time to time.

Rheumatoid arthritis runs in my family. My dad has it as well as his mother (whom has had surgery) theirs seems to be only in their hands.

runningtothecross said...

Here's a funny story about my first night home with my firstborn son:

He woke up at about midnight to nurse...As I sat there nursing, I dreamt that I was feeding him peas & carrots!!! LOL! Nursing sure has a way of playing with your mind, especially when you are exhausted!

Glad to hear your foot pain is better, from time to time my feet get to hurting me. It is usually when I need to get new shoes.


(I will continue to keep you on my prayer list, though, arthritis is not fun.)

Linda said...

*lol* Very similar to my 1 1/2 year old!!!! She calls all drinks "AWA" .. (we gave her praises for calling drinks awa when she was very little, as 'awa' means 'water' in her daddy's language)

Now everything drinkable is known as 'awa'.... and when she wants some I'll ask the same question as you: milk or fruit juice? (in our case)

greetings from the netherlands!

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