Monday, April 23, 2007

Dentist Today ;-)

I am going to the dentist today. This is a visit a long time coming. I have tried in vain to have my teeth fixed for over 7 years. Yep, 7. I have had two broken teeth for over 4 years. Luckily as bad as it sounds I have strong teeth,so this hasn't been to painful, just distracting. The thing I am most happy about...OK more like ecstatic about is that I will finally be getting this infection out of my bloodstream.

I'm nervous about the procedure. I am having the last molar in all four corners removed, as well as half of a wisdom tooth that was not taken out all the way 10 years ago. I chose to have them removed as opposed to root canals, to lessen the amount of root canals I have to have. I needed 7 root canals. Yikes! 1 for each pregnancy. LOL After much research on RC I wanted to get as few as possible.

They wanted to put me under IV sedation, but after much discussion they have decided to allow me to do it with a local. Please pray that all goes well and that it is painless and quick, and that recovery is quick as well.



ello said...

praying all will be fine :)

rcsnickers said...

Praying for your strength and an easy surgery. I know how you feel. Hate the dentist and too many teeth problems! Thankful for strong teeth and gums!


kansas crochet mom said...

sending prayers for the dentist visit

Elise said...

I'm late here, but I will be praying - I hope you are recovering well and that the dentist was able to do everything he needed to. (((Audrey)))

prayzgod said...

I had my wisdom teeth removed when I was 16, which I didn't need, because I have plenty of room for them. :-| I have two root canals, both on the bottom right side. I have a broken tooth that no one seems to notice, but I do and it drives me nuts. :-\ My teeth aren't very strong, however. I have started taking liquid calcium suppliments, Cod Liver Oil, and eating more phosphorus and butter. This should not only solve the problems, but hopefully re-mineralize a few cavities for me. ;-)

I rarely go to the dentist. I'm going to purchase a book soon on "home dentistry." Why not? ;-)

rcsnickers said...

Hope you are resting, healing and feeling well.

I am COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED but still praying for you!


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