Saturday, July 15, 2006

Ahhh, the light at the end of the tunnel

Today has been a fabulous day in prego land. I have felt wonderful. I woke up feeling good (which usually is the case) so I thought, I will get busy early this morning and get some house work done before the yukkies set in. I made breakfast, started laundry, washed breakfast dishes, moped the floor. When I realized, hey I am still not sick! So then I cleaned the bathrooms, made lunch, washed the lunch dishes, cut out material for a maternity dress (cut one side wrong, have to go get 2 more yards of material, sigh) and in all I did 7 loads of laundry and FOLDED and PUT THEM AWAY!!

It has been wonderful to feel like my old self. I did have about 30 minutes at about 3:00 where I thought here it comes, but it shortly subsided. Now if I make it through the late evening with out the quizzes I am home free! I seem to feel at my worst in the evenings. I am expecting the best though.

I received my NF prenatal vitamins in the mail today. I have heard some good things about them and thought I would give them a try. They are horse pills though, and you have to take 6 a day. If I could give advice to any lady just starting out in the season of pregnancies and nursing it is this. Take extra GREAT care of your self. I have always been really healthy. Although I was young when I had my first couple of kiddos and the body bounces back really fast. I was a size 6 a few weeks after having my 3rd child. But let me say the older I get(a whopin 30 now LOL) the more I can see where I should have taken prenatals and eaten better, TAKEN CALCIUM. I am horrible about taking things. I will take vitamins for a few weeks then I just fall away from it. So I say this on record now being pregnant with number 7 and nursing and growing all these wonderful babies, I should have taken my vitamins in years past. Another thing I suggest is to strengthen your tummy muscles while not prego. It is so important to have a strong core. And don't forget those Keigals. You should try and do 200 a day.

So if you are a momy who prays to have many pumpkins in your child bearing season take your vitamins, rest when your pregnant and for at least a week after delivery (I never can seem to do that one), and keep those baby carrying areas of your body toned.

May all those lovely ladies who are pregnant, have blessed healthy pregnancies and deliveries and babies. For those of you praying and waiting (eat a twinky) you know who you are ( I love you ;-) I did read the other day that a woman who is under 6% body fat will have a very difficult time concieving. I'll send you a box of Hostess!

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