Monday, December 11, 2006

The Birth of Christ

I read this today on the HOW (Heart of Wisdom) discussion board. It is very thought provoking. I am not saying that I agree with her oppinions entirely, but the dates and insight are interesting. I have thought due to scripture that Jesus was born in late Sept, during The Feast of tabernacles, but have never heard the claim of his conception being Dec. 25th.

I am still in much prayer and seeking wisdom over Christmas and Easter. As I have stated before I am an all or nothing kinda gal, who hates compromise. I do believe in absolute truth and I pray that The Father reveals His truth and His desires for my family in these areas.

Lisa Wrote:
Regarding the Christmas holiday, I found out that the conception date of Jesus is actually Dec. 25th and is very clearly documented in Scripture. When you read of the Course of Abia it becomes very evident that Christ was born Sept. 29th. Luke 1:5 shows that Zacharias was a full blood Levite and therefore so was Elizabeth (from the lineage of Aaron). Each course was served for one week and Zacharias served the eighth course, which happened June 13- June 19. He departed on June 20th and being an aged man, it took him 2 or 3days to get home to Elizabeth (the day following the end of the course of Abia was a Sabbath and so Zacharias could not leave Jerusalem before the 20th). Luke 1:6 says that both Zacharias and Elizabeth met the legal requirements to serve on the alter and burn the incense. Mary was a cousin to Elizabeth and therefore her mother had to have been a full blood Levite. Keep in mind that the genealogy listed in Math. ch. 1 is Joseph's and NOT Mary's.> In Luke 3: 23 (KJV) it states Jesus was the son of Joseph (as was supposed)--meaning by law. Christ came through Nathan (son of David) Luke 3:31. Christ was born Sept. 29th, 4 BC. This was also the 1st day of the Feast of Tabernacles and he was circumcised the 8th day. I just think Dec. 25th is a very special and beautiful date to remember in that the Word became flesh on this date, and 9 months later, Jesus tabernacled with humankind. As for the Christmas tree, I understand that some don't feel it is right. Personally, I see the evergreen as symbolic of eternal life and God even compares Himself to an evergreen tree in Hosea chapter 14 verse 8! The scripture most people use to say that Christmas trees are bad is the one in Jeremiah ch. 10 verse 5 where it is talking about idols. I have never worshiped a tree and believe Scripture to be true where it says these trees can neither do evil, nor good. I agree on the fact that materialism is too important to people> and replaces the true meaning of Christmas but I don't any longer feel that December 25th is just a date picked out by heathen nations and stuck into Christianity by man. Does anyone have the Companion Bible KJV ? It very clearly explains the fact that Christ was indeed conceived Dec. 25 when John the Baptist was 6 months in the womb and he lept for joy upon Mary's arrival at Elizabeth's home.

Edited later: The conception date could very well be Dec 25th, Mary would have had to have been about 10 days late in delivering baby Jesus, which is normal especially for first time moms.


sunflower said...

this is a little off topic...
do you have any suggestions on how to make the weekends an enjoyable time for the whole family? Ideas on how to keep everyone busy with something to do so noone is bored or start running around the house like crazy people? Since you have 5 boys I thought you might have some good tips! What does a typical weekend look like in your home? thanks

Anonymous said...

ok, please prove to me that Jesus was born on Christmas, bc sweetie I can prove to you that he wasn't

Audrey said...

I never said he was born on Christmas, infact I said that he was born in Late September around the 28th, 29th during the feast of tabernacles.

The article said only that someone had heard that perhaps Jesus was concieved on Dec 25th. That was something I had not heard before, hence thought it fitting to pass along. If you do the math and also believe that He was born around Sept. 28th, then the conception date could very well have been Dec 25th.

My intention has been to stear clear of any "side" that I take on this blog as we all will do what we see fit during this season. My take on Christmas and other holidays are not the norm of most Western christian believers, and I do not want to be a stumbling block to anyone who may not see things the way I do.

Oh that there were such an heart in them, that they would fear me, and keep all my commandments always, that it might be well with them, and with their children for ever! Duet 5:29