Monday, December 18, 2006

Store is moving along

Please stop by and check it out. There has been a fabrics page added as well as a styles selection page. I still have a bit more to do, but it is almost complete! Tell me what you think, what you might add, change, throw out LOL

I still have to expain in detail on the home page how the site works and the ordering procedures, as it is not a merchant site and orders will need to be sent in to me then filled. I wish I could afford a click and purchase site, but thats a bit pricey right now.

Thanks for any input!

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rcsnickers said...

Shorter version of the comment blogger just lost!

I think you are doing a good job. The pictures are clear. Layout is easy. I did not realize a checkout cost. I wish I could offer you any advice, but I have none.

I see you have one dress sold. How is business coming along?


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