Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Home Stretch

I just saw that my baby ticker is on its last square! Only 31 days to go! I have never gone past my due date infact I am usually a few days before. I have been feeling this one moving into position ;-) the last few days. My Braxton Hicks have been very strong this past week. I would be really surprised if I make it another 3 weeks. We have tickets to the Mav's game on the 27th and I am due the 28th. My friend and I were kidding around that this one should come in true Stucker fashion "at the Mav's game" but I really would rather not LOL! Needless to say we are Mavericks Fans all the way. I did have the idea of painting a basketball on my belly for the game....ROTFL...I'm only kidding! I'm pretty sure I wont be making it and instead will be cuddling my new baby girl.

It is finally hitting me that I am about to have another baby here real soon. Isnt it funny (or maybe its just me) but after number 4, being pregnant isnt really a big event, its just part of the job. A good part none the less! So I am feeling its time to pull some things together. This month will be a bit busy as we try and finish up some things. I need to get the boys school year scheduled, we school year round with the first of the year being our "new" year, instead of August. I want to get the kids in a position to follow out their daily schedules even if I am not available to help them. It seems that when I stop they stop. I want to get the house ship shape from top to bottom ;-) I need to finish painting the laundry room. It looks 200% better than it did when we started, I'll post before and after pictures when we are done. Ah, what else...I know there is more.

The boys seem to coming down with colds, which means they will be taking it easy today. Not me though I need to get busy. Everyone have a blessed day!


rcsnickers said...

SWEET! Seems like you just announced that number 7 was on the way!!!

Are you getting nervous about birth and the pain? I seem to get more nervous and doubt my abilities each child I have!


Audrey said...

YES! I have to really try not to think about it or I will run for the hills, LOL

Labor and delivery for me is fast and PAINFUL! So maybe thats why I take so long in getting the baby stuff helps me to postpone the thoughts.

prayzgod said...

We almost made it a whole year without colds, but my three boys and little girl finally have colds. :-( We are doing double vitamin C and extra Cod Liver Oil. I is kicking the colds out of their systems, and working like a champ. Meanwhile, hubby and I are fine. We've upped our Vit. C and Cod Liver Oil as well.

Audrey said...

Candy, we also havent had much sickness this year, maybe one or two colds, and we rarely share, but this time they are sharing freely. Thankfully Rob and I are fine still. I have some vitamin C powder that I mix in their water, its very bitter but a pinch goes a long way.

What cod liver oil do you use for your kiddos? I bought some once from the health food store that was berry flavored and the boys just could not get past the horrible taste. Have you found something more palatable or do they just have to grin and bare it ;-)

Tiany said...

Your getting close!!!AT THIS RATE WE COULD DELIVER IN THE SAME WEEK! lol nothing much going on here, last night I had contractions 10 to 11 minutes apart for 2 hours then they stopped :-(

Everyone here is healthy and we are just starting the CLO looking forward to seeing how it works for us. Take care, I am checking in on you often to see if you go early!!


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