Thursday, December 14, 2006

Clearing the muddy waters

A comment was posted:
Anonymous said...
ok, please prove to me that Jesus was born on Christmas, bc sweetie I can prove to you that he wasn't

My reply:
Audrey said...
I never said he was born on Christmas, infact I said that he was born in Late September around the 28th, 29th during the feast of tabernacles. The article said only that someone had heard that perhaps Jesus was concieved on Dec 25th. That was something I had not heard before, hence thought it fitting to pass along. If you do the math and also believe that He was born around Sept. 28th, then the conception date could very well have been Dec 25th. (did we read the same post :-?)

My intention has been to stear clear of any "side" that I take on this blog as we all will do what we see fit during this season. My take on Christmas and other holidays are not the norm of most Western Christian believers, and I do not want to be a stumbling block to anyone who may not see things the way I do. If anyone does want to know what I believe then ask me privately and I will tell you. Otherwise may everyone enjoy their holiday season as they see fit, for it is not my place to judge.

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