Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Grand Opening!

Finally Finished and open for business!!

Please visit my new, hand made, custom, apparel store.

Sewing the Seams of Love!

There are many styles of clothing to choose from and many fabrics available. I have tried to keep the pricing as low as possible and THE SHIPPING IS FREE!!
You will find a few ready made dresses, I am adding more as time allows. The beauty of custom ordering is that you get exactly what you want. So visit the styles & fabrics pages and choose your favorites!

Please "pass" me along to your friends and family! For all those who refer me to a purchasing customer you will receive a dollar off of your next order, up to 3 dollars!

If you are a member of the "MOMYS Group" you will receive 5% off of every order you place!

Thanks So much!
Audrey Stucker

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