Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Glorious Day!

The angels are singing praises in heaven today! I have only had to potty train one of my children, the oldest. He was a bit difficult, and with me being a new mom I was a bit pushy. Then as the rest of the boys came along they just watched the oldest and trained themselves at an acceptable age.

My fifth son is much like my 1st son in many many ways, one of them being difficult to potty train. They are both very bright children, so perhaps they just see the easyness in not using the potty. Eli will be 4 in April (WOW, that just hit me) so I have been asking him and have introduced him to the potty several times with NO cooperation or interest from him. So as not to push him I just have watched for signs of interest.

He made the move into pull-ups about a 3 months back. My hopes where that he would feel like a big boy and get used to underware in a sense. Well, the funny thing about that, is that he would just wait until they were full and change his own pull-up (I of course still handled the poopies) He changed himself in the morning and throughout the day. I know you are laughing outloud, its OK, I realize how rediculous that is!

So with needing to tighten the budget I figured it was time to potty train, ready or not. Today I put him in underware and told him that was it, no more Bugs Bunnies (pull-ups) I sat him on the potty and committed to taking him back every 45min. Well the first 4 times were nonproductive. Then he walks into the kitchen and I realize he needs to go potty, so we run upstairs and for the first time in his entire life HE TINKLES IN THE POTTY!!!!!

I'm sure he thought I had finally lost my marbles as I was dancing around the bathroom and singing his praises! I was sure that Eve would potty train before him, but I was wrong. Now I know what you are saying "sweet dear, he used the toilet once, you have a long road to travel" This I know, but at least there is light in the tunnel now!

Our second habit to break this week is Seths thumb sucking. He is 7 now and his dady told him last night he was through, no more, thats it! So he has been waring a glove over his hand today and has to ware it for a few days straight, until he is free from the habit.



Jamie said...

Way to go Eli! I totally understand your excitement... I've been known to jump around the bathroom too, and we made up an impromtu "potty song" for my 5th son. Those strong willed ones can be hard to teach, but once THEY decide they're doing something and know that they CAN, watch out! I hope the rest of the process goes smoothly for you. BTW, I LOVE the dresses you're making. I'd love to buy some when finances allow.

Jamie S.
Wife to Tom, my Marine
Mama to 5 boys and a girl!

rcsnickers said...

I am laughing and excited with you! My 4yr old son has had a long struggle with it as well. In fact, last night we came up with a silly fun song for it! (check my blog) Maybe that will help us!

I too thought Rachel would train before Caleb did!

Hope he continues with the success and God grant you patience when he has accidents!


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