Monday, June 19, 2006

All in the spirit of saving a few dollars

So when we first bought our home 2 years ago we tried going through Farm Bureau....who provides our other insurance needs, for our homeowners policy. Of course the house was, is, super old and needed painting at the time we bought it, so long story short they denied us. We had heard that getting insurance on large older homes in our area was not impossible, but difficult. We did find a company to cover us at a large increase in premium.

So here we are 2 years later and I thought what tha hay...lets try again. So they came out and took pictures and all that good stuff. I get a call from our insurance agent today Drew...yes we are on a first name basis with our insurance agent.....not because we are always making claims...infact we have never made a claim...I think that is just the perk of paying the company so much on a monthly basis. Our faces and names are probably on a poster in his office with the title over insured. Oh by the way Ann, Drew said to tell you hello, LOL...he really did!

OK Im getting back on track now, so he calls and says "well, the only problem they have is the door that leads to no where off your second story. There is this door you see, that actually leads to the roof, which used to be a deck on the roof of the kitchen. Im not sure... its weird. So yes, at the end of the hallway upstairs there is a door that leads out of the house, to nothing. I was shocked that THIS was the excuse they were going to use. They say its because someone might walk out the door not knowing there is nothing there and fall to their death.

So, I plead my case. I pull out the old faithful "look, we have lived here for 2 years with 5 small boys, dont you think that if someone were going to get that door open and fall off they would have done it by now?"

Then I say well we will just nail it closed and take the door knob off? Apparently not good enough either. Then I remembered that my husband just bought some gorilla glue at Home Depot, I promised we would gorilla glue it shut. He laughed hysterically for a good few minutes at that one. What?...I was serious.

Then I asked if we could just put up a sign on the inside of the door that read "if you can actually pry this gorilla glued door open and walk 10 feet to the edge of the roof, then plummet to your demise, you deserve the 300,000 in liability insurance, only those truly committed may enter"

So long story short if we want better coverage and cheaper premiums we have to remove the door and either wall it in or make it a window. Is nothing ever easy? You would think that the garage that is falling over and might crush someone at any moment would be more of a hazard? But I am just a silly consumer, what do I know?

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