Thursday, June 22, 2006

Im melting

Well I was going to upload and share with yall the cute pink and maroon dress I sewed for Rob....haha, just checking to see if you were paying attention.... Eve. But apparently our child that I don't remember giving birth to "not me" has taken off with my adapter cable. So no pictures today.

So instead I will just complain about THE HEAT! Some of you will gasp when I tell you that our home does not have central heat and air. And from speaking to others in the area who have opted to put it in their 3500+ sq ft homes, it resulted in energy bills larger than their house payments. That is something we have opted against for the near future. Maybe when the house is paid off we can afford the energy payment and will install it then. So how is a Texas summer with out AC? Not fun!! We do have window units in all the bedrooms upstairs and in the library and dining room downstairs. Some of these are newly added just this summer. I look back on those past summers and wonder how in the world we survived. The first summer, we had 1 air conditioner in the boys dorm room. So the kids all slept well. Then the next summer we added one in our room because a baby was on the way. Then this past summer we added 3 more. 1 in the nursery (Eves room) and the 2 downstairs. We need one more in the living room and that should cover it. But even having the window gets hot! The rooms and hallways without air, in the hot of the day stay at 85-90 degrees. So we hang out in the smaller rooms because they hold the air in better. Im not sure how I did it last year with no air in the downstairs of the house. But I am soooo happy there is some relief this year.

I give my humble ode to those who wore layers of dresses, aprons and bonnets while working in the hot summers. That's when woman were woman. LOL I feel a certain kinship to those woman of old and bach at those who bask in there artificial 75 degree environment. Just Kidding...Im really jealous of you. So go cook dinner in comfort and I have got some dishes to do in the sauna.

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