Thursday, June 29, 2006


The bowling alley here in town gives free bowling cards to the kids for the summer. They can bowl (shoes included) one free game everyday. Isnt that awesome! So we have been bowling alot lately. The boys are getting competitive and have made ribbons for the winner each time we go. So that is where we are going today!

We went to Six Flags this past Saturday and I took lots of fun pictures that I cant share with you because my adaptor cable for my camera is still MIA. Its just kinda boring to say "we went to six flags" and not back it up with some fun pictures of the kids on the rides. I will see if I can find one while Im out today running errands. I just know that as soon as I break down and buy one, mine will turn up.

Anyway, Im off to watch my boys bowl their little hearts out. Have a GREAT day!

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