Saturday, June 03, 2006

Goings on around here

Whats been going on around here......

My mother is feeling better and she has found an avenue financialy to fix her condition on a permenant basis. That is good news. Now what her plans are on a long term basis...I havent a clue. I know she is wanting to look for employment here, but if it will be in this town, I dont know. Im not sure she wanted to come here other than she was sick and needed help. So we will see what happens with it all. It is nice to get to visit with her. We have never been close. I met her when I was 14 and then did not see her again until I was 20. So its a touchy relationship...but I think the Father has plans and healing that needs to be done.

The fence is pretty much done. We have one last gate to build and then we will have what my sister calls "the great wall of Stucker" finished. It really is a sea of cedar. I didnt realize how large the yard was until we put that fence up. has done what it was supposed to do and that is block all the racket from the neighborhood. It is awesome to be able to sit in the back yard and have privacy for once in 3 years. Well worth every last penny we spent on it.

The dog is getting better...kinda...OK not really. He is still a nuisense. But I guess thats a puppy thing. I cant wait until he decides to be a dog.

Robs ankle is healing up slowly. He was told that he would have to ware the foot boot for 3 weeks and then they would re-evaluate . Well he wore it for 1 week and that was it. He managed to skip his follow up appoinmnent. But that is Rob for ya, he doesnt have time nor the patience to be down for any amount of time. So hopefully it will continue to heal. He said it has been bothering him more the past few days, but he has been really active, so what can you expect.

My car is on week 3 of sitting in the driveway. It is supposed to be fixed tomorrow, but I was told that it would be fixed Im not holding my breath. Thats what happens when you have to wait on family. Your at their mercy. So we had to miss the farm visit today. The kids were so looking forward to the goat milking and hay was I. There is a family (with 12 children) who own a farm here in the area. They raise grass fed beef, chickens and such. They also sale goats milk and eggs. It is always so fun to go there and just sit and listen to the quite. I really enjoy it.

My father called me today and said that he has sold his house in CO and will be moving closer. He is moving to Mississippi, not sure why....but thats where he's heading. It will cut the drive time to his house in half. We may actually be able to see him more than once a year now. YAY

And lastly I am trying to get things cleaned up around here. A real deep cleaning....because I know what inevitably lies around the corner. MORNING (all day) SICKNESS. I know that I will be unavailable for a few months. I hate that part! The irony is to that with Eve I was horribly sicker than with the boys, and I am hoping that this is a sister for Eve. But it would be worth it!

So there is the scoop...boring I know. LOL

Here's a token picture of Eve, one of the only few left. Yes, all the first year of her life was lost when my D drive died. I am sooooo sad about it. This was her first chocolate chip cookie!

Needless to say she loved it!

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